How Clear Touch Interactive Panels Reduce Environmental Impact and Enhance Education


How Do Clear Touch Interactive Panels Provide Sustainable Solutions?


Clear Touch is a company that provides interactive displays and technology solutions for education, business, and government sectors. Our products are designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and creativity in various settings. But did you know that Clear Touch is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility

Here are some of the ways that Clear Touch is a green choice for your interactive needs:

  • Clear Touch panels are energy-efficient and durable. They use LED backlight technology that consumes less power than traditional LCD or plasma screens. LED backlights also last longer and do not contain mercury or other harmful substances. The panel screens have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, which means they can last for years without needing replacement or maintenance. This reduces the environmental impact of electronic waste and saves you money on operational costs. 
  • Clear Touch panels have a low total cost of ownership. They do not require costly software subscriptions, high-maintenance projectors, or consumable parts such as bulbs or filters. They also come with impressive warranties and unparalleled support, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.
  • Clear Touch panels come with specialized educational software that supports active learning and digital literacy. You can access a variety of resources, tools, and activities that engage students and enhance their learning outcomes. You can also create and share your own content using Snowflake and the infinite whiteboard software, Chorus. This reduces the need for paper, ink, and other consumables that harm the environment.
  • Clear Touch panels are designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing you to use your favorite applications, cast wirelessly from any device, and switch between different inputs with Collage screen sharing software. This means you don't need to buy additional hardware or software licenses to use the panels, which reduces your carbon footprint and expenses.
  • Clear Touch panels are certified by UL and TÜV SÜD, two of the world's leading safety and quality testing organizations. These certifications ensure that the panels meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and environmental compliance.
  • Clear Touch’s included Command software allows you to monitor the usage statistics and performance of your panels. You can view detailed reports on device status, power consumption, network connection, app usage, screen time, and more. You can also set power saving modes to conserve energy, reduce costs, and extend your panel’s lifetime by ensuring the screens aren’t running overnight.

As you can see, Clear Touch is more than just a provider of interactive displays. It is a company that cares about the environment and strives to offer solutions that are both innovative and sustainable. At Clear Touch, we believe that sustainability is not only good for the environment, but also good for our customers and our business. By doing this, we can offer better products and services, and higher customer satisfaction. We can also contribute to a greener future for everyone.  If you want to learn more about Clear Touch and how it can benefit your classroom or business, contact us for a free demo today!


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