Clear Digital Wins 2023 ProAV Best in Market Award


Clear Digital Won 2 Awards for 2023 ProAV Best in Market

Greenville, S.C., - September 28, 2023 - We are pleased to announce that Clear Digital's Evo Roll Series and Vue LED Posters, have been awarded the Best in Market 2023 Winner in the AV Technology category. This award emphasizes the performance and innovation of our digital signage solutions.

The Clear Digital Evo Roll Series offers two models: Evo Roll for indoor use and Evo Roll Pro for outdoor environments. Evo Roll's compact design delivers vivid Full HD displays indoors, with a built-in battery providing up to 10 hours of use. It features an Android OS and can be upgraded with the Sho Stick subscription for added functionality.

The Evo Roll Pro is built to withstand outdoor challenges with impact and water resistance. Its sturdy steel frame and puncture-resistant wheels ensure stability and ease of transport. Whether indoors or outdoors, Clear Digital's Evo Roll series provides a versatile solution for impactful messaging.

The Clear Digital Vue LED Posters deliver vibrant, high-resolution displays with adjustable brightness and contrast, guaranteeing your message captures immediate attention. What sets them apart is their seamless tile integration, creating an uninterrupted, memorable viewing experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Furthermore, Vue LED Posters are designed to excel in busy environments through their multi-unit splice compatibility, allowing you to connect up to six units to create compelling signage. Maintenance is hassle-free, and the inclusion of PixelGuard™ technology enhances image quality and durability, ensuring your content always looks its best. In any setting, these posters are the ideal choice for captivating your audience.

Whether you require digital signage for indoor or outdoor use, Clear Digital has the solution tailored to your specific needs. 

To learn more about the Clear Digital Evo Roll Series and Clear Digital Vue LED Posters and how they can optimize your space, schedule a free online demo today!