Harmonizing Collaboration
and Thought Flow

Tired of business applications that put the labor in collaboration? Connecting, controlling, and sharing data and information used to be complicated and confusing. Not anymore.

Chorus is the simple, all-in-one collaboration and ideation that transforms your Clear Touch® interactive panel into a powerful hub for collaboration. Chorus consolidates all the variables that can make teamwork feel tedious and helps them work in harmony. No paper notes, whiteboards, or flip charts. After all, it’s a digital world.

Pull up a near infinite whiteboard for ideation sessions; streamline your project management workflows; connect to your favorite conferencing tool; make notes and sketch ideas; update drawings; open and navigate in multiple browsers; field maintenance diagnosis, convey thought processes in training and education; clearly show Sprint results; stream content to the interactive panel from multiple devices at once; interact with other panels with Chorus across the enterprise—all without ever leaving the shared workspace. Chorus is truly agnostic to Operating Systems and devices connected.

Industry Uses

Allowing We not Me work flows

Although a powerful conference room technology, the real impact of this collaboration tool can be experienced outside the business walls. With a high percentage of the workforce working remotely, Chorus has made an impact on the following industries: Corporate communications and meetings; Customer and Vendor communications and idea exchange; Remote Training and distance learning, Emergency Operations; medical and first response, Field Engineering, diagnosis and maintenance. Any task or situation that needs efficient, collective data and thought exchange.

Chorus is an interactive work surface appliance so there is no need to load an OS or software applications on the panel itself, after all, you already have them on the device feeding the panel. Work with the data on the panel and save it back to the device, or to the Cloud or locally to continue the session later.


An Essential Collaboration Tool: Agnostic and Flexible, Meeting the Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Easy Connectivity

Easy Conferencing Connectivity

Use Chorus as your only collaboration tool and connect to popular video conferencing systems: Skype, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans, and more through conferencing plug-ins. Agnostic conferencing.


Intuitive, Universal User Interface App

Standardize your collaboration process and provide a single user experience across all devices: PC, MAC, Android, iOS, and Linux. No cost and unlimited, free downloads for our AirConnect App.

Enhanced Security


Presentations can be streamed via a password protected wireless connection, so sensitive information stays safe throughout your Enterprise wired network.

Easy Content Sharing

Easy Content

Send out a partial or full canvas to participants. Individual presentations can be saved, printed, emailed, or stored in the cloud or on your network.

World Mode

World Mode

With permission, access Chorus wherever there is Internet or wireless service through a Cloud server.



Save your session with an optional password to continue your meeting at a later date. Easily recall your sessions from where you left off.

Full Annotation Toolset

Full Annotation Toolset

Mark up your presentation, blueprint, design, or document directly on the panel and easily save ideas or mark-ups.

Built-in Ideation Tools

Built-in Ideation Tools

Chorus includes sticky notes, sketch tools, browsers, pan and zoom tools, integrated plug-ins for common video conferencing apps, and more.

Enhanced Productivity


Achieve an exceptional ROI thanks to streamlined meetings, more informed decision-making, and reduced travel costs.

No Additional Software Licenses

No Additional
Software Licenses

After you purchase the initial license for the panel, no additional licenses are required for collaborators.

Two-Way Control


No more running back to your computer to pull up files. Chorus lets you access your Connected PC or Mac directly from the Panel.

Transfer Control


Control your computer remotely or allow others to take control of the session. Chorus offers flexibility for true collaboration and ideation.

Full-Service Support

Full-Service Support

US-based support services and automatic updates as well as expert installation assistance.

Ready for Launch

Ready for Launch

No office or application software needs to be loaded on the panel, therefore reducing costs.

Connecting with Chorus is Simple

1. Start a Session.

Open the Chorus software on your panel to create a shared workspace for your collaboration session.

2. Connect.

On-site collaborators can connect via the Enterprise network using the IP Address provided on the screen. Allow and bring in collaborators from around the world that have Internet or wireless phone connectivity by sharing the 6-digit Cloud Code located under the IP Address. Optional PW protection.

3. Start Collaborating.

Share screens, annotate presentations, connect to a video conferencing application, open your web browser, and get down to business. Don’t worry about running out of space. The canvas expands up to 20x its size and offers easy navigation tools that allow for centering and alignment.

4. Save Your Session.

When the collaboration session is over, print out your notes for the group, store your session for continuance, or email the session to one or all participants directly from the main screen.

Panel Compatibility

Chorus can be added to all Clear Touch® 6000U and 7000X interactive panels. Panels are available in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86” sizes, making it possible to optimize viewability in different room sizes from huddle rooms to auditoriums. Clear Touch® panels feature an HDMI out connector for output to projectors, recording devices, or for distribution across the enterprise or individual workstations.

Connect from any device:

PC   |   Macbook   |   Android   |   iOS   |   Linux

Connect to these video conferencing tools: