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Command v1.27.1

Command v1.27.1 We’ve got some new features in Command to tell you about. Read on to learn more. Resource groups Resource is an important part of device management. To better manage resources, we now support grouping resources. You can create and manage resource groups. By adding resources to different resource groups and then authorizing them […]

The Science Behind the Panel: How Interactive Technology Enhances Learning

Unlocking Educational Advancements: Harnessing the Power of Interactive Panel Technology In the ever-evolving field of education, innovation is not merely a luxury, but a requirement. Interactive panels have emerged as revolutionary tools that are transforming conventional learning environments. What sets these state-of-the-art devices apart? Join us as we explore the intricate science behind interactive panels […]

Full API Integration of SingleWire with Command™

Full API Integation of SingleWire with Command™ How Clear Touch Command™ & Singlewire Revolutionize Emergency Response Are you looking to enhance your emergency preparedness and streamline your communication processes? Look no further than Clear Touch Command™, the ultimate safety solution for schools and organizations. With full API integration of SingleWire and other leading alert systems, […]

Command Software Update: v1.26 Release

Command Update v1.26 Release Notes: Updated Device Messaging Capabilities & Security Software Development released a new update for Clear Touch Command software on December 12, 2023. Our Development Team has listened to your feedback and we are excited to let you know that you now have more device messaging capabilities as well as tools to […]

Beyond the Specs: Choosing the Right Interactive Panel for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Interactive Panel: Let Clear Touch Guide You! Interactive panels are top on everyone’s wishlist, promising to transform meeting rooms and classrooms into tech-powered hubs. But with so many options, choosing the right one feels like navigating a tech maze. Don’t sweat it! This guide cuts through the jargon and reveals 3 key […]

6000A+ 2024-01-26 Firmware Release Notes

6000A+ 2024-01-26 Firmware Release Notes: Updates to Improve UI with the 6000A+ The Development Team recently released a firmware update for all sizes of the 6000A+ panel. Many of these improvements were driven by feedback from users. In addition, many quality improvements were implemented. We encourage you to check it out! We hope you enjoy […]

Breaking Barriers: Embodying Technology in 2024

Embracing Technology with Clear Touch  Embracing technology in education goes beyond acquiring the latest gadgets; it’s about leveraging its potential to streamline operations, tailor experiences, and equip for the future. Intentional integration of technology in educational settings unlocks novel prospects, improves competitiveness, boosts efficiency, and empowers individuals to flourish in the contemporary digital era. Clear […]

Mastering End-of-Year Assessments: Clear Touch Strategies for Success

Mastering End-of-Year Assessments: Clear Touch Strategies for Success

The Importance of End-of-Year Assessments Educators know how important it is for students to perform well on end-of-year assessments. End-of-year assessments play a vital role in a student’s academic progress, benefiting students across elementary, middle, and high school levels in various ways. Excelling in these evaluations not only confirms a student’s grasp of the curriculum […]

Introducing the Award-Winning NUITEQ Snowflake AI Assistant

Introducing the Award-Winning NUITEQ Snowflake Al Assistant  Saving time planning lesson activities with the NUITEQ Snowflake Al Assistant. Spending hours on creating classroom materials, struggling to cater to diverse learning needs, and searching for ways to truly engage and captivate students’ attention? NUITEQ Snowflake’s Al Assistant is here to transform the way teachers plan and […]

Collage Software Update: v5.7.0.7012 macOS Release

Collage Update v5.7.0.7012 Release Notes: Important Update for macOS Users Software Development will release a new update for Clear Touch Collage software on September 26, 2023. This update holds paramount importance, especially for users operating macOS 14 (Sonoma), as it plays a pivotal role in sustaining the smooth operation of Collage software. In this upcoming […]