We know we’re biased, but we think that once you experience the Clear Touch® difference, you will be, too.

Simple Solutions For Business Connectivity

Collaborative Presentations At The Touch Of A Button


Provide long-term, affordable technology solutions for your team—or the entire company

Training or Collaboration

Training or Collaboration
Ideal for Corporate Trainers, Human Resources, and Collaboration Spaces

Sales Marketing

Sales & Marketing
Impress potential clientswith easy-to-use, interactive presentations


Cutting-edge technical performance and seamless integration for the enterprise class

All-In-One Business Solutions

We know that adopting new technology can be time-consuming, which is why we’ve made our panels fully compatible with your existing software, including Microsoft Suite or any other business application. It’s just like having your entire computer at your fingertips. Plus, you’re never obligated to use the software that comes with our product, and you’ll never be charged for an ongoing license. That’s just one of the significant distinctions between us and our competitors. We also give you more options across the board—the most connectivity inputs, the most accessories, and the most choices in panel size, resulting in the most intuitive and customizable interactive panel on the market. It’s not smart. It’s brilliant.

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Our Products

The Next Generation of Interactive Panels

Clear Touch® interactive displays are an all-in-one package. We offer an optional onboard PC, an easy-to-install software package, and Ultra HD displays for a state of the art viewing experience. The panels feature true multi-touch capabilities (up to 20 simultaneous points of touch) fast touch response time, high-fidelity audio and an industry-leading nine inputs that allow for easy connection to all of the devices in your room. Choose from five screen sizes—from 55 inches to 86 inches.

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Interactive Software

Clear Touch® interactive panels come with a full suite of intuitive software that only requires a single training session to train to your employees. Our software is optional to use and does not require a commitment or subscription.

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