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Fostering Authentic Community Through Collaboration

In the past 5 years, BT Church has grown by over 1,500 people into a unified church with multiple locations. In addition, BT Church has started a new church plant in Queens, New York and begun to offer online messages to reach a larger audience. Despite this recent growth, the church has maintained its dedication to transforming lives through biblical teaching and authentic community.

One of the core values of BT Church is fostering authentic community. To accomplish this goal, the pastors discuss their weekly sermons, making sure that they’re addressing the church members’ needs and that every congregation is experiencing the same teaching. Every Tuesday, pastors from multiple locations in Texas and one location in New York connect online to collaborate on the weekend sermon.

“Before Clear Touch, we were all gathering on a Zoom call to work on the sermon together, working two weeks out,” said Pastor Chris Dupree, the lead pastor at BT Church. “I was actually using my laptop camera and sketching ideas and outlining everything the team was saying on a whiteboard. The team was collaborating, but it was very cumbersome and time-consuming.”

Pastor Dupree and his team heard about Clear Touch® and its all-new Chorus software through a church member who works as a reseller.

“Our team heard about Chorus and what it could do for us, and it seemed like a match made in heaven,” said Pastor Dupree.

Choosing Clear Touch Chorus™ for BT Church

The pastoral team thought that Chorus software might simplify their collaboration process, allowing them to connect, share, and save their work more easily. However, they wanted to see the solution in action before they committed to the software.

“We contacted Clear Touch and they were able to get an online demo put together for us within an hour,” Pastor Dupree said. “I was impressed by the capabilities of the software during that demo, but I was just as impressed by the company’s responsiveness. That level of attentiveness for a smaller customer like us sold me almost as much as the software itself.”

The team moved forward with the purchase and have been using Clear Touch Chorus™ for their weekly meetings for nearly a year. In addition to the standard panel and Chorus software, BT Church also chose to include the optional WiFi module and the most powerful PC module.

“I knew it was going to be better for us, but I had no idea how much better. Everything has met and exceeded our expectations,” said Pastor Dupree. “I used to have to connect my laptop camera, an external microphone, and external speakers just so everyone could see the whiteboard and hear each other. No one could contribute to the session in real-time, and there was often lag time in the conversation. Thinking back, I can’t believe how much effort we had been putting into these weekly collaborations.”

There’s nothing I’ve encountered that comes anywhere close to providing the streamlined collaboration that Chorus provides.

Pastor Chris Dupree

Lead Pastor at BT Church


Since getting Clear Touch®, the pastoral team agrees that everything has changed. Every Tuesday, Pastor Dupree opens Chorus to begin a collaboration session in a shared workspace on the panel. About six people in the office work together and collaborate on the digital canvas.

At the same time, pastors at the other Texas sites and in Queens, New York use the 6-digit Cloud Code to connect and collaborate from their own devices.

“Using the Clear Touch interactive panel has revolutionized how we collaborate while preparing our sermon series and small group curriculum,” said Lisa Jones, the Community Groups Pastor at BT Church. “Being able to interact personally in real time enhances the team experience and brings great synergy, allowing everyone to feel like they’re truly a vital part of the collaborative effort. It adds the personal touch to what would otherwise be a sterile two dimensional phone or email experience.”

Other members of the pastoral team also feel that using Clear Touch® has made their collaboration experience more immediate and personal.

“Having the interactive software enables us to share more than information,” said Daniel McGhee, the Lead Pastor at Connection Church, the BT Church plant in Queens, NY. “We are able to share our personalities and emotions to enhance our time together.”

According to Pastor Dupree, the simplicity of the panel is just as important as the immediacy that the team enjoys with the collaboration software.

“What we have now is an all-in-one solution, and that’s invaluable,” said Pastor Dupree. “We integrate Zoom, annotate our work, and run audio all through the panel. Everyone can see and hear at the same time, and they can chime in and collaborate in real-time using the notes feature. When we’re done, everyone can save the canvas to their own device or to the cloud.”

Additional Applications for the Clear Touch® Panel

Even though simplifying the weekly sermon collaboration was the primary driver for choosing Clear Touch®, Pastor Dupree has found himself and his staff using the panel daily since its installation.

“All our meetings happen on the panel now. Last week, I was in a Zoom meeting with a builder, and I was able to keep track of my notes using the built-in apps,” said Pastor Dupree. “I would say that I have some type of video conference call on the Clear Touch panel almost every single day.”

The panel has also begun to serve as Pastor Dupree’s primary note-taking app.

“When I have an idea come to me, it’s so much easier to walk up to the panel and open the note-taking app than it is to open my laptop, login, and open a document,” said Pastor Dupree. “It’s ready to go and simple to jot down a quick idea. I joke now that my entire life is on the panel.”


June 10, 2019

Clear Touch Team

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