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Clear Touch® Receives Top Industry Awards from Tech & Learning

Company Rounds out ISTE 2019 with three Best in Show wins

GREENVILLE, S.C.July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Wrapping up another successful year at the 2019 ISTE Conference (the International Society for Technology in Education), Clear Touch®, a leading provider of multi-touch interactive flat panels for education and business, announced three Best in Show wins at this year’s conference. In its sixth year, the Tech & Learning‘s ISTE 2019 Best of Show Awards are given to those products and services that “show the greatest promise according to the country’s most tech-savvy educators.”

“Every year, we are excited to exhibit at our biggest show, ISTE. It allows us to meet and talk with the educators who are on the front lines and make our education system more engaging and interactive,” said Jennifer Drum, Event Manager at Clear Touch®. “It was rewarding to end another legendary year at ISTE with these awards for all our hard work and was truly a team effort.”

Awarded this year are the following Clear Touch® products:

  • 7000X Interactive Panel: With capacitive touch capability and 20 points of touch, the 7000X is able to fit on a convertible mobile stand, allowing the panel to go from presentation to tabletop mode. The 7000X comes with bundled software that allows for lesson planning, casting to screen, white boarding and more. This panel comes in multiple sizes, and multiple warranty options.
  • 6000K -The 6000K interactive panel boasts infrared touch capability with the fastest processor on the market, allowing for faster broadcasting times and load times on video and media. As with the 7000X, this panel also includes 20 points of touch, multiple sizes, and multiple warranty options, and comes with bundled software that allows for lesson planning, casting to screen, white boarding and more.
  • Evo Lite – a Clear Digital product, the Evo Lite is the best in mobile digital signage. The Evo Lite is impact resistant, weather resistant and battery powered so you can take it just about anywhere. It has a built-in media player which allows you to load your own video or image content. Standing 40 inches tall, the Evo Lite’s long battery life allows for 14 plus hours of charge or a plug-in option for continuous use.

“Our team has been working hard on research and development of these new products in order to bring them to market, and winning the Best of Show awards is an added bonus,” said Keone Trask, President of Clear Touch®. “For a group that cares so much about innovating great products, this is a huge win for all of us and we are grateful for the honor.”

According to the Best in Show site, the Tech & Learning‘s Best of Show program recognizes outstanding products exhibited at the ISTE show. Winners are selected by panels of professional users and editors based on descriptions provided by you via the nomination form as well as on judges’ inspection at the convention.

Founded in 2012, Clear Touch® is a forward-thinking technology provider named to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies and recognized as one of South Carolina’s 25 Fastest Growing Companies. U.S. owned and operated, Clear Touch® is also a winner of multiple Tech & Learning Best of Show awards for their innovative products. Our commitment to our customers, the reliability of our products, and our industry-leading innovation have paved the way for our growth. Clear Touch® develops products for education, business, and government including multi-touch interactive panels, software suites, and accessories. Clear Touch® is also an exclusive reseller of Clear Digital products including LED video walls, interactive podiums, and mobile display signage.

For more information, contact: 
Bethany Weir
[email protected]
864-281-1323 x1001

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Clear Touch® reveals new products at InfoComm and ISTE 2019

New line includes VUE LED video wall, interactive podium, and Evo Lite digital signage products

Greenville, S.C. – Clear Touch®, a leading provider of multi-touch interactive flat panels for education and business, and distributor of Clear Digital products, unveiled a line of new products at this year’s InfoComm event, held June 8 to 14  in Orlando, and at ISTE 2019, held in Philadelphia from June 24 to 27. Products included the VUE LED video wall, an interactive podium, and the Evo Lite mobile digital signage. 

The Clear Digital VUE video wall is an LED video wall available in four sizes, and with easy, front-end maintenance, the VUE does not need additional wiring, and is able to mount on the wall or on a mobile stand. A Clear Digital product, the VUE is delivered faster than competitors,at a competitive price point, and creates a seamless field of vision. 

Another new product, the Clear Digital Podium, is a mobile, interactive podium—battery operated for ease of use and portability. The first-of-its-kind podium has a built in PC that allows you to access your notes and programs and lets you broadcast to an LED wall, Clear Touch interactive display,  or other panel. With a height-adjustable mount and wheeled base for easy movement, the Clear Digital Podium is the next generation of public speaking. 

A Clear Digital product, the Evo Lite is the best in mobile digital signage. The Evo Lite is impact resistant, weather resistant and battery powered so you can bring it just about anywhere.,t has a built in media player that allows you to load your own video or image content. Standing 40 inches tall, the Evo Lite’s long battery life allows for 14 plus hours of charge, or a plug-in option for continuous use. 

“ISTE and InfoComm are great events that we enjoy participating in every year, but this year was even more exciting as we launched these new Clear Digital products,” said Keone Trask, President of Clear Touch®. “There is clearly a need for these new products, and we were able to not only share our innovations with others, but to hear feedback from the people who will use them in the future.”

For more on Evo Lite, Vue, and the Clear Digital Podium, call (864) 973-7973, email [email protected], or visit for more information on Clear Digital products and innovations. 


Founded in 2012, Clear Touch® is a forward-thinking technology provider named to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies and recognized as one of South Carolina’s 25 Fastest Growing Companies. U.S.  owned and operated, Clear Touch® is also a winner of multiple Tech & Learning Best in Show awards for their innovative products.  Our commitment to our customers, the reliability of our products, and our industry-leading innovation have paved the way for our growth. Clear Touch® develops products for education, business, and government including multi-touch interactive panels, software suites, and accessories. Clear Touch is also an exclusive reseller of Clear Digital products including LED video walls, interactive podiums, and mobile display signage. 


How to Choose the Right Interactive Touchscreen Display for Your Business

Is your business looking to unlock new levels of collaboration, creativity, and efficiency through technology? An Interactive touchscreen displays are perhaps the best option for delivering on the promise of immediate, long-term, and tangible ROI.

Touchscreen panels can transform bland PowerPoint pitches and presentations into interactive experiences that wow your audiences. They can also provide digital ideation and brainstorming tools that allow both onsite and remote teams to collaborate together easily. And many solutions offer a suite of useful business tools (such as limitless whiteboards, annotation tools, cloud conferencing service integrations, and more). All of these work together to enhance the everyday meeting and presentation.

Strategies for making the right investment in touchscreen panels

Not all interactive touchscreen panels are created equal, and many fail to deliver on promises and expectations due to inferior hardware, immature software, and/or complex integrations. The wrong solution can hinder your ability to collaborate, frustrate your employees, and even embarrass you in front of your customers or stakeholders when the technology does not work as expected.

To help you avoid a costly mistake and maximize your investment, here is an easy 6-step guide to help you choose the right interactive touchscreen panel solution for your business.

1. Look for a turnkey solution that lets you recognize value immediately.

Your ability to extract value from your investment can and should be recognized immediately. This means that the software and hardware should both work together in an intuitive and easy-to-use way out of the box. It means that the required training should be minimal.

As you’re exploring touchscreen solutions, the best way to be sure this is the case is to ask for a demo. As you interact with the touchscreen display directly, you will be able to see all of the various elements in action.

2. Look for a touchscreen display solution that works with all types of devices, platforms, and browsers.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending the first 5 or 10 minutes of a meeting trying to solve technical difficulties—getting the audio to work, connecting to the conference call, sharing the screen. Challenges in these areas and others are often the result of a poor choice of highly proprietary technology that works great if you only, always, ever use only exactly what the manufacturer recommends. It can also be the result of improper configuration.

Either way, today’s business does not and should not work that way. Every system and tool must work in reference to other systems. That is why you must choose a solution that is platform-agnostic. It should not care if you’re connecting with a Mac, Windows, or Linux device in the office or outside the office. If you want to connect an Apple TV just for fun, use the onboard computer, share your phone screen, or plug in a computer directly with an HDMI cable—no matter the approach, your solution should accommodate it.

3. Look for a solution that simplifies connectivity.

Another related sign of a mature platform is its ease of use when it comes to connectivity. Connectivity should not be limited to PCs vs. Macs, Firefox vs. Chrome, or Android vs. iPhone. No matter the device, you should be able to connect it quickly and easily. During your demo, be sure that your rep demonstrates how the system connects to a variety of devices.

A second, often overlooked, consideration when it comes to connectivity is making sure that your IT team is able to connect remotely to manage any and all of your devices. This is especially important for businesses with multiple campuses or large buildings. The ability to centralize remote support for all of your devices saves your team valuable time and resources in the event of a troubleshooting event.

4. Look for a touchscreen display solution that empowers flexibility and mobility.

Today’s conference rooms must support mobility and flexibility. When shopping for panels, think through the various scenarios your panels should support. For example, nearly all touchscreen technology should allow for the traditional conference room setup. But what if you want to modify the room to be more of a war-room style with a tabletop touchscreen panel? Or perhaps your panel needs wheels to move around the office? Now is your opportunity to envision what your technology should be for your business and see which solutions support your aspirations.

5. Look for a touchscreen display solution that empowers online collaboration.

Meetings and presentations have fundamentally changed in the past decade, and it is not uncommon for meetings to now take place with teams connecting both remotely and in person. With this new dynamic comes new challenges. As you look at the touchscreen panel’s software package, look for a solution that will help you close the participation gap of online and in-person participants.

This means that your solutions should support both online conferencing and whiteboarding. By enabling remote teams to participate in whiteboarding and brainstorming sessions, you will immediately see increased value and efficiency in your meetings.

6. Look for a touchscreen display solution that will grow with you

All of your technology solutions should support the natural flow and rhythm of your business as you grow and adapt to the constantly changing business landscape. That is why your panels should be well-supported with extensive documentation, resources, and support. Any software packages should also be well-support and frequently updated.
It’s also important to consider a platform that supports future add-ons, such as document cameras, web cameras, multiple ports for connecting devices, and remote management tools. By checking these boxes now, you will ensure the long-term success of your investment and empower your teams with the tools they need to work better each and every day.

Ready to see how Clear Touch meets these needs and many more? Our solutions are standing by and ready to talk! Contact us now.

Infocomm 2019: The scoop from Clear Touch’s Peter Taylor and Rave Publications

Infocomm 2019: The scoop from Clear Touch’s Peter Taylor and Rave Publications

Below is the transcript of the interview between Rave Publication and Peter Taylor of Clear Touch at Infocomm 2019. To hear the full interview, please click here.

Victoria: Hello everyone. Welcome to InfoComm 2019. You are listening to The Trade Show Minute. My name is Victoria Barela and I am here with Peter Taylor of Clear Touch. Welcome.

Peter Taylor: Thank you, Vicky. Thank you.

Victoria:  Hi. So this is day one, and I wanted to ask you about Clear Touch. If someone lives under a rock, just tell us who is Clear Touch. What do you guys do?

Peter: Clear Touch Interactive has been around since 2012. We’re a fairly new company where we’ve been to market in the U.S. now and have achieved—in 2018—the number one supplier of interactive flat panels by U.S. owned and operated manufacturers. We’ve gone from zero to the top within five years.

Victoria:  Go big or go home, right? Well, here at InfoComm 2019, what are you guys featuring? What is your favorite product that you go crazy about?

Peter: Actually, this is a bit of a breakout year for us. We’ve done very well with the interactive panels and software solutions. However, we haven’t forgotten about our commercial side of the business. Commercial as we know and collaboration has really taken off. It’s become a forefront of most work environments and the fact that people do want to collaborate with it. How do you get them involved and how do you get them collaborating with each other? We released a product last year, which was actually called Chorus. Chorus has gone through a few changes. One of them was being that it was just an Apple-based platform, which was good, but to some corporate environments, they didn’t want just Apple. So, we are announcing at the show today our Linux based version. The Linux version will fit in on our PCs. The PC just plugs inside of the panels and makes a total collaborative solution. That’s been a work in progress, but it’s been a good work in progress and it’s gotten to where most people want it to be.

But my favorite product at the show? All right. We’ve taken a little bit of time coming to market with this one, but as the world has gone LED—and we’ve seen a lot of entrance into the LED marketplace—often it’s a custom product. Often, it’s a 12- or 14-week delivery timeframe because it is custom. But we wanted to take some of that away from the market place, so we released what we call a prefabricated solution that takes about two people two hours to put together, and you get it in specific sizes: you have a 110 inch; 138 inch and 165 inch; and a 220 inch.

So for example, in the commercial environment, in your lobby displays, in your waiting rooms even where you don’t project or you have projectors, you want to upgrade it to LED. People often ask, “Hey, what’s your pixel pitch?” And what we say is, “Well, it’s all 1080.” So a 110-inch is actually 1.2 millimeter pixel pitch. And then the 138 goes to 1.5. And the 220, for example, is 2.5 millimeters. So it keeps it standard. The nice thing about ours is there’s no external boxes—not only is it easily assembled, but you don’t have to find a home for power supply; you don’t have to find a home for a processing unit. Everything is built in to the wall. And yet, it is only 37 millimeters thick, so it’s the thinnest LED on the market as well.

Victoria:  What’s the biggest difference between that and what’s already on the market?

Peter: Our prefabricated units. The nice thing about prefab is that the cost will come down dramatically—the cost is about 50 percent lower than a custom-built solution. That’s one advantage of it. Does it always fit the custom’s requirement? Maybe not. But hopefully the 110, the 138, 165 and 220 inch do fit those requirements, or at least the majority of those requirements. There’ll always be a need for custom, and always will be, but for the average person that wants a good price performance basis, that’s where the prefabricated comes in.

Peter: The other thing is…the challenge with LED is it gets hot. You don’t want to be presenting in front of an LED screen.

Victoria: Sure, it gets sweaty, get gross and you’re also trying to present.

Peter: You’re already nervous, right?

Victoria:  Yeah.

Peter: So, what we wanted to do is we have an interactive podium. This is brand new for us. It in concept stage.

Victoria:  A podium, you said?

Peter: Podium.

Victoria:  Okay.

Peter: It can be totally wireless including power.

Victoria: So what does that mean?

Peter: Ah, good question. The podium itself is an interactive panel, 23-inch interactive panel. It’s mounted on a stand, which is electrically operated, so you can adjust it to the height.

Victoria:  It’s a very cool looking

Peter: It’s got a rechargeable battery, so you can actually recharge it, and it’s got micro casters built in the front of it.

Peter: The ability to move it is paramount without unplugging.

Victoria:  That’s a big deal. You don’t have to worry about wires anymore, especially it’s rechargeable. That’s great.

Peter: It’s rechargeable and it’s got HDMI wireless out. So you can actually put it your projector, or in our case the LED screen, and drive everything from the podium, control it all, be interacting with it, marking it up, making highlights on that LED screen from that podium.

Victoria:  That’s super cool. What else? If someone’s not here at the show floor and can’t see it for themselves, where can we find it online?

Peter: You can find this at If you want to see a demonstration of the products, we incorporated a couple of live studios last year. They’re manned full-time. They’re interactive. It’s not a webcast or anything like that. It is live interactive. We have 22 appointments a day, five days a week. Just pick a time that’s convenient. Just click on that home page at and click on live demonstration, and there you will find the times available. Click on one of them and we’ll send you a meeting request!

Victoria:  That’s awesome. I’m going to switch gears here. I wanted to ask. Rave is promoting this #AVislife hashtag. Could you tell me maybe either for yourself personally or maybe Clear Touch, what does that mean, AV is life?

Peter: When you say AV is life, AV is all my life. It has been, as many people probably know me, but for 27 years this has been my life, AV.

Victoria:  You obviously like the industry because you’ve been for so long. And it seems like you’re really enjoying it.

Peter: What it means to me actually is all the, “Yes, we like to show our products at shows like this,” but one of the things that I love to do is catch up with people. We’re all busy these days. One of the things I enjoy is catching up with old friends. The industry has been the industry for many, many years. Still the same faces; still the same relationships. It’s always good to catch up with people and at least say hi.

Victoria:  Yeah. That’s awesome. Well thank you so much for coming onto the show.

Clear Touch ISTE 2019 Presenters

Clear Touch® will be hosting a rotating schedule of presenters at the Clear Touch booth at ISTE 2019. The presenters include a mix of Clear Touch® team members with experience in education as well as educators from various fields in education and technology research. To see the full schedule of speakers for ISTE please click here. 

Clear Touch 2019 ISTE Presenters

Tyler Renstrom – Clear Touch, Implementation Specialist: Tyler Renstrom has served in training and teaching roles for over 15 years. His desire to help others has led to a wide career that focuses on interacting with individuals who are motivated to learn and excel.

Tyler grew up in an education family full of teachers, aides, and a Dean at a major western university. Through the course of his years, he worked with these individuals on public speaking, effective teaching strategies, and accurate motivation. As part of this learning, Tyler was entrusted to run a local community theater, the Valley Center Playhouse, after years of directing, producing, and training actors until it’s final show at the end
of 2014.

Upon moving to the Dallas Metroplex in 2015, Tyler continued to pursue training as his primary form of helping others. Most recently he comes from Gabbart Communications, an education technology company that once again brought him full circle back into education. Tyler has worked with and trained thousands of teachers in schools all over Texas and the west coast. His desire to continue providing unparalleled service to the education community is what attracted him to Clear Touch to begin with. Since joining Clear Touch in 2019 as a Training Specialist, Tyler now will be working as an Implementation and Training Specialist and helping clients get the personalized touch and training they deserve. Always working to provide creative solutions to even the most complex problems, Tyler is an empathetic listener, a passionate technology buff, and someone who works to help others each and every day. His religious work with the youth and community efforts in the Boy Scouts have allowed him to continue teaching others the values of honor, integrity, and humility.

Presentation: Canvas

Snowflake Canvas is the premier tool for building out lessons for your classroom. Join us as we explore how to build a lesson within snowflake and the advantages it will bring to your classroom.


 Melissa Lohdi – Clear Touch, Implementation Specialist: I come to this career with 17 years of classroom experience, serving as department chair for 15 of those years and was named teacher of the year for 2011. I earned a Master’s in Education Media Design and Technology and have a passion for integrating technology in the classroom in ways that engage and excite students. With a focus on creative problem solving, I am able to work with educators to come up with innovative solutions for matching technology to teachers’ individual classroom needs. As an Implementation Specialist at Clear Touch Interactive, I conduct customized onsite training for clients. I also play an instrumental role in creating and maintaining instructional materials for the online academy as well as developing an instructional plan for delivering training that meets the needs of our clients and takes into account, best practices in the education sector.

Presentation: Snowflake

Creating Interactive Activities using Snowflake Lessons

This session will use Snowflake Lessons to access interactive activities from the Lessons Community and will show how to edit and create individualized activities.

Danielle Maclin – NUITEQ, Education Technology Specialist: Graduate of SUNY Potsdam with a Masters of Science in Teaching in 2007. While pursuing my degree I had the opportunity to participate in a “Navajo Cultural Exchange” course with one of my graduate professors- the three week course through the Navajo Reservation and South West ignited a greater love for travel. After graduating, I moved to Arizona to teach at Heritage Middle School for five years before returning to the “North Country” of New York- where I’ve been employed as a 6th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher for the last six years at Madrid-Waddington Central School. I am a certified BrainPop, Nearpod, and Google Level 1 Teacher and member of NYSCATE. I have been a member of the NUITEQ team since December, creating content as an Education Technology Specialist. I also am the Class of 2021 Co-Advisor and Stage Crew Manager for the spring musicals. I love to travel! I’ve driven cross-country on three separate trips and have been to every state in the continental US (except North Dakota). I’ve also solo traveled throughout Europe, experiencing a total of 17 beautiful countries. I enjoy time on the water kayaking and swimming, and have begun hiking the Adirondacks. After implementing a mini-genius hour schedule into my 8th grade class, I was inspired to learn how to knit and have successfully crafted one very unattractive potholder. 

Presentation: Snowflake Lessons Online

Making Learning Fun by Using Lessons Online

Creating engaging lessons is a challenge for many educators- not because of effort, but because of time. With Lessons Online by NUITEQ, lessons are easy to construct and provide for engaging content. Additionally, Lessons Online also provides thousands of standards aligned content already created by the global team of teachers. Learn more about Making Learning Fun though the interactive lessons on Lessons Online.

Ashley Martin – Azalea Ventures, Owner and Former Educator: Ashley Martin graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama with a degree in History. In 2001, she completed her Masters in History at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. For three years she worked as a museum curator in Mobile, Alabama at The Museum of Mobile and the Oakleigh House Museum. She also taught history at Eufaula High School and Wallace Community College in Eufaula, Alabama. She is married to West Martin and has a two-year-old son named Grant.

Presentation: Snowflake

My presentation, A Walk Through History, will show visitors how to create a Snowflake lesson using images, video, poling and multimedia lessons. 

The audience will learn what a Clear Touch panel can do! They will also learn how to create interactive lessons within Snowflake using images, video clips, and games that will constantly engage students throughout their lessons. Once the lesson is created, I will show educators how to save their lessons to the cloud. The end of the presentation will involve a question and answer portion along with an interactive activity. Creating new lessons do not have to overwhelm you and take hours to complete!

Edward Tse – NUITEQ, VP of Strategy and Content: Dr. Edward Tse is the Director of Strategy at NUITEQ®. Dr. Tse has over a decade of experience in Educational Technology, most of it at SMART Technologies, where he served as both External Research Program Manager and Project Research Leader. He holds over 50 Utility Patent filings and Academic Papers and was one of the primary inventors of the first multitouch table product for Education, the SMART Table. Dr. Tse is focused on advancing creativity through self-expression and social media and lives what he preaches by running a vlog and YouTube channel called Ed on Ed Tech.

Presentation: Snowflake

Improving YouTube in the Classroom

The way we learn has changed: YouTube (YT) gets over a billion views of Educational Videos a day. People go to YouTube to Learn. Yet there are challenges: 10 minute long videos to optimize watch time, pre-roll and mid-stream advertisements and sponsorships, inappropriate comments, and worst of all poor retention of watched videos due to the Fluency Illusion. We will discuss ways to get around these limitations and improve retention with retrieval practice. We will show hands on activities that help us remember videos and align them with curriculum standards.

Billy Jack – Clear Touch, Director of Implementation: Billy Jack began his teaching career as a Middle School Math teacher at a High Tech Middle School. After his students experienced incredible learning gains, he received a Teacher of the Year Award and began training teachers at his school and others on the weekends, district-wide. After a few years, he moved on to be an Educational Technology Specialist for one of the largest School Districts in the United States.

After a few years, he left the district and went to work for an Educational Technology Company delivering and creating Professional Development. Now he has worked for a few Ed Tech companies but has always been focused on how he could help teachers to increase student engagement and learning outcomes. Over the years, he has delivered thousands of PD sessions throughout the US. Billy Jack is looking forward to working with your staff to help them interact differently.

Presentation: Canvas, Snowflake

Cutting Edge of Technology

In this session, you will learn many of the benefits of being on the cutting edge of technology using the Clear Touch Products in your classroom. Billy Jack will demonstrate the benefits of using software built on a Natural User Interface. You will see how much easier and faster it is to drive your instruction using Nuiteq Snowflake.

Danny Brisson – Clear Touch, Implementation Manager: Danny worked for Motorola and Northern Telecom in a variety of roles. He spent 7 years in the School District of Palm Beach County where he started off as a technology coordinator and specialist. He then worked on a special program working with secondary teachers to create digital content and also spent 3 years teaching adult education.

Danny then became the lead international trainer for eInstruction and spent three years as a professional development specialist and regional education consultant. At Clear Touch, he has worked as a trainer and implementation manager. He assisted in creating Clear Touch academy training content.

Presentation: Canvas, Snowflake

There’s no place like Nodes

Attendees will see first hand how to have lessons created that can live and grow for them and their students. We will explore all the possibilities Nodes can bring into the classroom. Come join us at the Clear Touch booth and learn how you can Interact Differently!

7 Ways Interactive Panels Can Help Teachers Save Time in Class

With a proliferation of technology at their disposal, today’s teachers are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to teach and engage their students. Ranking highly alongside iPads, perhaps one of the most innovative technologies in the classroom today is interactive panel screens.

As these technologies continue to grow and evolve, teachers are finding new and innovative ways to apply them to everyday challenges inside the classroom. One of the hottest questions today is: how does technology save time in education? Here are 7 ways that we have seen teachers using touchscreen display technology to save time:

1. Maximize time before, during, and after class

Some of the best active panel uses for schools take place outside of traditional classroom time. There are often valuable blocks of time scattered throughout the school day, and the imaginative teacher can use these to his or her advantage with a little help from a touchscreen display.

For example, teachers can fill these small time slots with learning opportunities, games, activities, and quizzes on the panel. Teachers can also use displays to create learning stations that enable self-guided study and lesson reinforcement. As you’re going about your day, look for these opportunities and think of ways that you can maximize your time and teaching reach.

2. Taking and saving notes on the fly

Perhaps the most practical use of a touchscreen display is in taking and saving notes. As you’re teaching a lesson, you may want to take notes, draw a picture, or outline a concept. Touchscreen panels let you easily switch between your lesson plan and a whiteboard.

But the real magic happens when you save your notes and reuse them. For example, Clear Touch Canvas allows you to easily save your whiteboard notes to your favorite cloud service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or send them directly to your email or another connected panel.

Many teachers take these notes that they create throughout their daily teaching and compile them into student study guides, or they share them with students who missed class. Some teachers even reuse these notes in later classes or incorporate them into future lesson plans, which is a huge time saver later.

3. Explore the world from within the classroom

Today’s touchscreen displays and interactive TVs for schools let you take your classroom to far away places unimaginable to past generations. Applications like Google Street View and Google Maps offer incredible ways to bring history, geography, and literature to life. Or sometimes an out-of-class field trip just doesn’t make sense with the class schedule, and many teachers use these apps on their panels to take a virtual field trip to local points of interest. This can be a big time saver that still allows you to elucidate a lesson without taking a full day out of class and arranging travel.

Beyond these tools, teachers and students alike can now take field trips that rival Miss Frizzle’s wildest adventures. From the microscopic world of atoms and molecules to the distant stars, galaxies, and black holes—the world is now literally at our fingertips, and the skillful teacher can use his or her touchscreen panel to bring any concept to life. The result is a memorable classroom experience that ultimately saves the teacher’s time by creating memorable experiences that require less and less content reinforcement.

4. Keep your class on track and manage behavior

Some of the best panel board display ideas revolve around helping teachers moderate their classrooms. For example, the TooNoisy app is a teacher favorite that helps keep students focused and quiet. By monitoring the noise level in the room, TooNoisy posts a notification when the room gets too noisy and reminds students to be quieter. This is a great way to keep class time moving without stopping to address every time students get a little too noisy.

ClassDojo is another great application that helps teachers track classroom behavior and build a positive classroom culture that involves both students and teachers alike (and even better, its available on our curated app store!).

5. Simplify the mundane tasks

Touchscreen panels allow teachers to easily automate and simplify many of mundane tasks, such as calling on a random student to answer a question or tracking attendance. For example, some teachers create fun games that let students mark their own attendance as they trickle into class each day. The teacher gets the benefit of taking attendance without wasting class time, and students have fun in the process.

Teachers can also use their displays to post announcements, important test or quiz dates, and flesh out upcoming assignments. Applications like Snowflake MultiTeach also allow you to create and send quizzes that compile student responses, grade them for you, and send you the results. All of this can be done at the beginning and end of class, which can continue to free up valuable teaching time that would otherwise be consumed unnecessarily.

6. Review classwork together

Another intriguing way that teachers have found to use their panels to save time is in grading homework assignments together. Some teachers connect a document camera and project to the display. They can then quickly cycle through student homework assignments and annotate the screen with the answer or work out the solution on screen. Other teachers have found it helpful for students to take charge and present their homework solutions. Both of these approaches can deliver significant time savings if done strategically.

7. Take breaks and have fun

Sometimes after a difficult assignment or quiz students just need a break. However, some teachers dread classroom activities and games out of fear that they will be unable to effectively rein them back in once they’re done. Many teachers have found that touchscreen panels are a proven ally that lets them introduce a fun brain break in class without causing a major disruption.

For example, a teacher can quickly transition from a quiz to a fun game or activity on the panel without requiring students to stand up or move around. Once it’s done, the teacher can easily transition from the end of the game right back into the lesson content. It’s these little wins here and there that add up and save teachers time.

What about you? What are some of the ways that you are saving time with digital touchscreen panels? We would love to hear from you!

BT Church – Clear Touch Chorus™ Helps Pastoral Team Collaborate Across Multiple Sites

Fostering Authentic Community Through Collaboration

In the past 5 years, BT Church has grown by over 1,500 people into a unified church with multiple locations. In addition, BT Church has started a new church plant in Queens, New York and begun to offer online messages to reach a larger audience. Despite this recent growth, the church has maintained its dedication to transforming lives through biblical teaching and authentic community.

One of the core values of BT Church is fostering authentic community. To accomplish this goal, the pastors discuss their weekly sermons, making sure that they’re addressing the church members’ needs and that every congregation is experiencing the same teaching. Every Tuesday, pastors from multiple locations in Texas and one location in New York connect online to collaborate on the weekend sermon.

“Before Clear Touch, we were all gathering on a Zoom call to work on the sermon together, working two weeks out,” said Pastor Chris Dupree, the lead pastor at BT Church. “I was actually using my laptop camera and sketching ideas and outlining everything the team was saying on a whiteboard. The team was collaborating, but it was very cumbersome and time-consuming.”

Pastor Dupree and his team heard about Clear Touch® and its all-new Chorus software through a church member who works as a reseller.

“Our team heard about Chorus and what it could do for us, and it seemed like a match made in heaven,” said Pastor Dupree.

Choosing Clear Touch Chorus™ for BT Church

The pastoral team thought that Chorus software might simplify their collaboration process, allowing them to connect, share, and save their work more easily. However, they wanted to see the solution in action before they committed to the software.

“We contacted Clear Touch and they were able to get an online demo put together for us within an hour,” Pastor Dupree said. “I was impressed by the capabilities of the software during that demo, but I was just as impressed by the company’s responsiveness. That level of attentiveness for a smaller customer like us sold me almost as much as the software itself.”

The team moved forward with the purchase and have been using Clear Touch Chorus™ for their weekly meetings for nearly a year. In addition to the standard panel and Chorus software, BT Church also chose to include the optional WiFi module and the most powerful PC module.

“I knew it was going to be better for us, but I had no idea how much better. Everything has met and exceeded our expectations,” said Pastor Dupree. “I used to have to connect my laptop camera, an external microphone, and external speakers just so everyone could see the whiteboard and hear each other. No one could contribute to the session in real-time, and there was often lag time in the conversation. Thinking back, I can’t believe how much effort we had been putting into these weekly collaborations.”

There’s nothing I’ve encountered that comes anywhere close to providing the streamlined collaboration that Chorus provides.

Pastor Chris Dupree

Lead Pastor at BT Church


Since getting Clear Touch®, the pastoral team agrees that everything has changed. Every Tuesday, Pastor Dupree opens Chorus to begin a collaboration session in a shared workspace on the panel. About six people in the office work together and collaborate on the digital canvas.

At the same time, pastors at the other Texas sites and in Queens, New York use the 6-digit Cloud Code to connect and collaborate from their own devices.

“Using the Clear Touch interactive panel has revolutionized how we collaborate while preparing our sermon series and small group curriculum,” said Lisa Jones, the Community Groups Pastor at BT Church. “Being able to interact personally in real time enhances the team experience and brings great synergy, allowing everyone to feel like they’re truly a vital part of the collaborative effort. It adds the personal touch to what would otherwise be a sterile two dimensional phone or email experience.”

Other members of the pastoral team also feel that using Clear Touch® has made their collaboration experience more immediate and personal.

“Having the interactive software enables us to share more than information,” said Daniel McGhee, the Lead Pastor at Connection Church, the BT Church plant in Queens, NY. “We are able to share our personalities and emotions to enhance our time together.”

According to Pastor Dupree, the simplicity of the panel is just as important as the immediacy that the team enjoys with the collaboration software.

“What we have now is an all-in-one solution, and that’s invaluable,” said Pastor Dupree. “We integrate Zoom, annotate our work, and run audio all through the panel. Everyone can see and hear at the same time, and they can chime in and collaborate in real-time using the notes feature. When we’re done, everyone can save the canvas to their own device or to the cloud.”

Additional Applications for the Clear Touch® Panel

Even though simplifying the weekly sermon collaboration was the primary driver for choosing Clear Touch®, Pastor Dupree has found himself and his staff using the panel daily since its installation.

“All our meetings happen on the panel now. Last week, I was in a Zoom meeting with a builder, and I was able to keep track of my notes using the built-in apps,” said Pastor Dupree. “I would say that I have some type of video conference call on the Clear Touch panel almost every single day.”

The panel has also begun to serve as Pastor Dupree’s primary note-taking app.

“When I have an idea come to me, it’s so much easier to walk up to the panel and open the note-taking app than it is to open my laptop, login, and open a document,” said Pastor Dupree. “It’s ready to go and simple to jot down a quick idea. I joke now that my entire life is on the panel.”


Alief Independent School District – Clear Touch® Panels Bring Career and Technical Education to Life

Evolving Education through Interactive Innovation

Alief ISD serves a bustling urban community in the greater Houston area. In the past decade, attendance at Alief has grown significantly, and the progressive school district has built new schools and education centers to meet the changing needs of their students.

The district has 24 elementary campuses, six intermediary schools, and four high schools.  The Alief Early College High School, a partnership program between Alief ISD and Houston Community College, began in the fall of 2009. There are also two ninth-grade centers, six middle schools, a night high school, and an alternative learning center dedicated to educating the children of Alief.

While Career and Technical Education (CTE) has long been an emphasis for the Alief school district, they recently decided to build a center dedicated exclusively to students on a career track. The Alief ISD Center for Advanced Careers offers students CTE in 14 of the 16 national career clusters. Their 163 course offerings include instruction in popular career paths such as automotive technology, culinary arts, digital design, information technology, and much more.

“We purchased our Clear Touch® panels as part of the new building project at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018,” explained Kimberly Crow, Director of Career and Technical Education and Innovation. “They were one of our very first purchases. We wanted to integrate the new technology from the very beginning and be able to design our rooms to make sense with the panels.”

Choosing Clear Touch® Panels

The process for choosing Clear Touch® began two or three years ago in anticipation of the new building and was primarily a collaboration between Crow, Jennifer Baker, the Director of CTE program for the entire district, and Krissy Sabbatini, the Technology Facilitator for The Center for Advanced Careers.

“We dug deep and did our research to figure out what was going to be the next greatest, best technology solution but also what was going to last us the longest and grow with us,” said Baker. “We brought in several different companies and installed options in our training rooms. Our IT team and teachers were able to test out the panels and get training on all of these options for several months before we made our choice.”

According to Krissy Sabbatini, the main considerations for choosing Clear Touch® panels were the ease-of-use, available training, adaptability, and price point.

“Our team really loved the fact that we could brand the panels with our own images, and that we could add panels to our inventory and add accessories year-after-year,” Sabbatini said. “That ability to expand impressed our IT people. The teachers loved how intuitive they are and the software that’s included with the panels.” 

“The teachers loved how intuitive they are and the software that’s included with the panels.”

Krissy Sabbatini

Technology Facilitator for The Center for Advanced Careers at Alief ISD

Installing and Implementing the Panels

The Center for Advanced Careers installed all panels in the spring of 2018 in order to have them in place for the 2018-2019 school year.

“Clear Touch® panels are now class standard technology in our new building,” said Crow. “Every teacher has the full set-up. We’ve done a large-scale adoption and adaptation to make sure the panels are fully integrated into the classroom environment.”

In addition to the panels, each classroom has been equipped with a control panel that’s connected to everything in the room. Teachers at The Center for Advanced Careers can run the panels from their personal computer, the connected control panel, or a wall plate. 

“We’re using a lot of different inputs to run the panels, including the HDMI,” said Sabbatini. “Our teachers can use the panels in the way that makes the most sense for them. Teachers here work at a very high level, and many are incredibly tech savvy and have just run with it. Our students, too, are digital natives and interested in tech careers, so they tend to have naturally high capabilities with these programs.”

Alief ISD also invested in some initial training, both through Clear Touch® and in-house. Sabbatini attended several training sessions and signed up for Clear Touch™ Academy to get more out of the panel purchase.   

“Whenever I learn something new, I bring it back to the teachers through email and in-person trainings. The panels and apps are so easy to use, though, that even if you’re less technically adept or haven’t started training yet, you can still get value from the technology immediately,” said Sabbatini. 

The Impact of Clear Touch® in the Classroom

Career and Technical Education at Alief is a pathway of courses that end in a culminating class that allows students to earn a certificate or credential before moving on through Junior College or into the workforce. The students in CTE tend to be technically-minded and like to work with their hands.

The Center for Advanced Careers has created a unique learning environment that has benefitted from a more hands-on, project-based approach to education. Clear Touch® panels fit beautifully in this culture, giving teachers an easy platform for online demos, labs, and other interactive lessons.

“One of the main benefits to our curriculum has been the interactive capabilities,” said Crow. “For example, in our automotive courses, the curriculum is designed to be highly interactive. I’ve seen teachers put up a diagram of a car dashboard and run a color-coded simulation of wiring the car with their students. The panels allow teachers to practice these kinds of skills with their students on a daily basis.”

Another benefit that Alief has noticed is the ability to tie Clear Touch® panels into other technology. At the Center, every classroom panel is part of a voice amplification system that simplifies their classroom discussions.

“We’re a loud school. We always have things like drills and welding equipment running. With the panels, teachers don’t have to strain their voices to talk over all the noise,” Sabbatini said. “The control panel ties into a classroom speaker and the built-in Clear Touch® speakers. Everything ties in through the panel and interacts together, giving them voice amplification at a single touch without having to use a separate system or run A/V cables.”

In addition to the classroom set-up, the campus also has two panels on mobile stands that teachers and administrators can use for assemblies, larger labs, or an extra learning station in the classroom. According to Sabbatini, those stands are always moving and haven’t even found a permanent home yet—teachers just find them wherever they were used last. 

The Center also uses the panels for alternative certification courses on the weekends, for live streaming special events, and for campus-wide announcements that help keep the entire school on the same page.

“We have a lot of events and activities at the Center for Advanced Careers, and the panels help us ensure that no students are missing out,” said Sabbatini. “We use Clear Touch® for all announcements, which we can change from a single computer because all of the displays are tied together through our central network. We also have instructional cameras throughout the building, and we can set up the panels to live stream from a lab or another classroom. We recently used the mobile panels to create a holding room where students could watch our spring ‘Iron Chef’ competition in the culinary lab, which was a big hit.”

Overall, the teachers, administrators, and IT team at Alief ISD believe that Clear Touch® panels have been successfully integrated at the Center for Advanced Careers because they are an intuitive, all-in-one solution.

“All of the responses I’ve gotten from the teachers have been overwhelmingly positive. They like that the students can go up and touch the panels and be interactive with the lesson. They love the software capabilities,” said Sabbatini. “Most importantly, though, they are game to try new things and keep growing with the panels in their classroom because the learning curve isn’t insurmountable.”

10 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Teachers in the Classroom for 2019

Technology has transformed the classroom experience over the past decade. With each passing year new and improved gadgets for teaching and learning hit the market. These technologies and gadgets are delivering next-generation capabilities and benefits to teachers, allowing them to boost their productivity, enhance their teaching toolbox, and explore new and innovative ways of teaching.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets for the Classroom

From the newest technology gadgets for the classroom to the classic tried-and-true devices, here is our list of top picks for the must-have tech gadgets for teachers in 2019.

1. iPad Air

Ipad Air

The iPad Air is our top pick for teachers. With the iPad Air, teachers gain unrivaled flexibility, tools, and mobility in the teaching experience. Teachers can easily control all of their lessons, content, schedules, and educational apps from a single device, whether in the classroom or out. Apple’s simple connectivity controls also let teachers easily connect and present on other classroom devices with a simple swipe and tap. And with the Apple App Store always handy, teachers can easily find new apps and tools to extend their educational toolbox.

The iPad Air model delivers all of the classic flexibility and performance that you have come to expect from an iPad but with an improved sleeker and lighter design. Starting at $499, this is on the pricier side of the spectrum, but we feel the benefits far outweigh the additional investment, earning this device our number one spot.

2. Document Camera

Document Camera

Sometimes you just need to display a document, drawing, or non-digital piece of content to the entire class. Rather than print out 20 copies, project it on screen with a document camera. The document camera lets you easily display any physical piece of content on screen without any fuss or complexity.

The camera’s wide-angle viewing lets you easily and clearly capture your entire paper or work area, and the added video and audio capabilities let you record and stream your lesson content. This is a must have for teachers in today’s connected classrooms and takes our number two spot.

3. Mini wireless keyboard

Mini Wireless Keyboard

Even though touchscreen devices often have on-screen keyboards—many users want to be mobile around the room and still control their panel.

This innovative mini wireless keyboard from Clear Touch Interactive gives you all of the benefits of a physical keyboard with the enhanced mobility of a tablet. You can easily connect it to your device and carry it around the classroom freely. The helpful shortcut keys on the sides also let you access the most useful functions of your connected devices on the fly.

4. Einstein Clock

Einstein Clock

When it comes to cool new tech for teachers, the Einstein Clock is a gem, especially for math teachers. As the end of the class hour approaches (particularly in classes just before lunch or before the end of the day), teachers often watch in dismay as students’ eyes drift to the clock to see how much time is left in class. Why not make even this an educational moment for your students?

The Einstein Clock innovatively forces students to calculate the hours and minutes to find out exactly what time it is. With the ability to set different difficulty levels, you can easily set the Einstein Clock to your classroom’s particular grade level. It’s just one more way to keep students engaged for the entire class period. This device is definitely quite pricey, but it was so cool that we had to give it our number four spot.

5. Wireless Teacher Microphone

Wireless Teacher Microphone

Sometimes it can get difficult for students to hear you in the classroom, whether it’s because you’re teaching in a larger classroom or in a room with poor acoustics. Rather than strain your voice, check out this wireless microphone and receiver from AVerMedia. Now everyone can hear you with crystal clear audio.

With pendant and clip-on options, this microphone solution works unobtrusively with any outfit, giving you added voice amplification with hands-free mobility. The receiver can easily connect to existing devices and speaker systems in class; and with 8 hours of battery life and quick-charge capabilities, you can rest easy knowing that you will always be heard.

6. Pen Pad

Pen Pad

Are you looking for additional control and precision in your writing and drawing on screen? With 8,192 levels of instant pen pressure sensitivity, this pen pad from XP-Pen delivers next-level control and precision in your writing and drawing. This is an ideal solution for art and writing classes (or any class where you want precise writing, drawing, and annotating capabilities).

At $59.99, this pen pad is a cool technology for the classroom at a great price point!

7. Kindle e-Reader

Kindle ereader

Gone are the days of carrying lots of heavy books to class thanks to today’s e-readers. Topping the list here is the Amazon Kindle, which allows you to easily carry all of your textbooks, references, and lesson materials in the palm of your hand. With unparalleled battery life, the Kindle is an extremely reliable option with a single charge often lasting for weeks on end.

With most Kindle options falling around or under $100, this device takes our number seven spot.

8. Web Camera

Web Cam

Today’s connected classrooms often blend online and in-person teaching, and this web camera from Clear Touch Interactive® lets you easily record and share video of class on-screen or online. The web camera features wide-angle viewing and a built-in microphone to ensure both clear audio and video. This web camera earned the number eight spot on our list.

9. Buzzer system

Want to introduce a bit of Jeopardy-like fun into the classroom? Now you can easily transform a traditional classroom game into an interactive game show with these fun and colorful buzzer systems from Affordable Buzzers. With corded and wireless options, these buzzers let you create your own interactive quizzes on the fly and project student buzz-ins on screen.

Please note that there are often different sets for Macs or PCs—so be sure to read the specifications before you buy to ensure compatibility!

10. Apple Watch

More and more teachers are finding amazing ways to use the Apple Watch inside and outside of the classroom, making the Apple Watch one of the newest technology gadgets for the classroom. The Apple Watch keeps you current with any reminders, timers, notifications, and emails that you receive throughout the day, but it also doubles as a presentation remote with the ability to control your slideshows, play and pause audio and video, and much more.

It also has the added benefit of functioning as a phone replacement, which is especially useful when you need to stay alert for any important school notifications without having to constantly keep your phone on you.

Again, being an Apple product, this device is on the pricier side of things, which scores it a number ten on our list.

8 Ways to Help Your Students Overcome Math Anxiety

If you’ve ever heard someone say, “I am not good at math,” “I hate math,” or “Math just doesn’t make sense to me,” chances are you are witnessing math anxiety firsthand. Math anxiety is a real challenge facing students and educators today, and estimates show that 20 percent, to as high as 50 percent, of Americans suffer from some form of math anxiety.  

What is math anxiety?

Math anxiety is a deep feeling of worry, fear, or anxiousness in one’s ability to understand and perform at math. But math anxiety does not stop at feelings. Rather, these strong negative emotions set off a self-defeating cycle of anxiety that leads to poor performance, which leads to more anxiety followed by more poor performance. This cycle can be crippling to a student’s confidence and sense of academic achievement and can even begin to have a ripple effect on other subjects and areas of life outside of math.

What causes math anxiety?

According to researchers, math anxiety does not have a single cause but is the result of multiple negative experiences and conceptions about math that take place over the course of a person’s life.

These experiences can be as seemingly innocuous as a parent reflecting aloud to their children about their own dislike of math. It also could be partially triggered by a negative experience in class when a student misunderstood a problem and felt embarrassed in front of a teacher or fellow students. In some cases, it can even be as direct and demotivating as someone telling a student that he or she is just not good at math.

The problem is that once a person believes that he or she is incapable of understanding or performing at math then performance suffers, and the downward cycle begins.

Tips for Helping Your Student Overcome Math Anxiety

There are a variety of studies and approaches being suggested by researchers and educators on how to help students overcome their mental math phobia. Here are a few common ways of how to help a child with math anxiety.

1. Be alert for early signs of math anxiety.

Awareness is the first step in curing math anxiety. By being aware of math anxiety and its symptoms, you can help a student overcome it. So, when you hear a student express frustration at math or say something self-deprecating about his or her own abilities in math, take action! The good news is that math anxiety is curable, and there are a variety of practical math anxiety solutions that you can implement each day as an educator to help your students.

2. Tackle common math myths head on

Once you’ve identified math anxiety in a student, begin by tackling the math myths that a student believes about himself or herself. Whether you’re dealing with the myth that boys are better at math than girls, or students who believe they are mentally incapable of understanding math, it’s important that your students hear you dispel the myth. By carefully and tactfully identifying and confronting these myths, you can help your student begin to see the truth about their own capabilities. Your intervention in this way can play an essential role in reinspiring a student’s confidence in their abilities and helping him or her on to a path of future success in math.

3. Foster a growth mindset

One of the first truths your students must understand is the amazing ability of their own minds to develop an understanding and ability to perform in math. The brain is an incredible organ capable of amazing things. One important truth to emphasize is that the part of the brain responsible for mathematical computation can grow and develop, regardless of age, gender, or heredity. This simple fact is empowering to many students and helps them understand that it’s just a matter of finding the right approach to understanding and performing well at math.

4. Develop a new approach

Researchers have noted that anxiety uses up the brains working memory bandwidth. Much like RAM on a computer, when the brain’s working memory is maxed out with anxiety and fear about math, it will inevitably suffer performance hits when it comes to mathematical operations.

Teachers can encourage students to practice deep breathing prior to math assignments to help relax or to write out their anxieties ahead of time. Research indicates that simple steps like these can help students identify their mental math phobia, reduce anxiety, and clear up the brain’s working memory to focus on the task at hand.

5. Show vs. tell

The next step in the process is to conduct the math teaching process in new and fresh ways. Try to determine your student’s particular learning style and cater to his or her particular strengths and weaknesses. For example, for a visual learner try to equate mathematical concepts with real-world applications that help them understand the interrelatedness of the various concepts. If a student is a doer, let them interact with the problems themselves and reflect on them aloud.

Technology, such as interactive touchscreen panels and tablets, can be hugely helpful at this point in the process. These tools open up new ways for teachers to engage collaboratively with students at math. There are countless math apps, pre-built lessons, and games on these devices that can be used to meet the needs of various learning styles.

6. Practice, practice, practice

Be sure to set the expectation early that success will not be immediate. While you may see some immediate results from implementing the above steps, you likely won’t see a student go from math anxiety to math champion overnight. It will take a lot of practice and hard work over the long-term, and it may even be one step forward two steps backward at times. But with persistence, focus, and graciousness in your approach, you can help guide your students down the path towards long-term victory over math anxiety.

7. Reward success

Each time you see a student comprehend something new or make a leap in their math understanding, it is essential to reward this achievement with words of affirmation and praise. This is key to inspiring confidence, which can lead to even further improved performance. Similar to math anxiety creating a crippling downward cycle, math confidence creates an upward trajectory built upon step-by-step.

8. Keep the end goal in mind

In theory, knowing that you can help a student overcome math anxiety is inspiring, but it can be discouraging if you don’t see results right away. At times like this, it is important to remember the end goal and the role that you play as an educator. It is not easy, but it is deeply rewarding when you begin to see the results of your labors in the long-term. So, don’t lose sight of the end goal and keep up the good work!