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If your school is like most, you find yourselves re-allocating resources based on attendance from year to year, whether those resources are textbooks, desks, tablets—or even the classrooms themselves. Faced with limited budgets and enrollments that ebb and flow, schools have to be creative, flexible, and adaptive.

That’s where Clear Touch interactive panels for education can help. We understand that schools need to maximize their resources and plan for adaptive environments, so we create panels that give you more size options, from 55” to 86”, while guaranteeing a consistent user experience across all sizes. We also include platform and device-agnostic hardware and software that supports 1-to-1 programs and offer interactive panel accessories that make installation easier, help teachers maximize space, and adjust and convert as needed.

Benefits of the Adjustable Wall Mount Light

The adjustable wall mount light is much more than a sleek, stylish wall mount that allows you to change the height of your panel with the press of a button. This wall mount is a versatile, innovative accessory that simplifies resource allocation for your school, protects your annual IT budget, and standardizes your classroom technology. In addition, with the adjustable wall mount light schools can:

Install Panels Anywhere. On Anything.  Often, new schools need to include technology in their budgets before their schools are finished—before they know precisely what wall materials will be used in each room, what the configuration will look like, or how much reinforcement they will need. On the other end of the spectrum, older school buildings may have a wide variety of wall materials in use, from brick and stone to drywall, plaster, stucco, or cinder block. The adjustable wall mount light is an equally effective solution for either scenario, since it can be installed sight unseen, without the need for additional reinforcement, on any surface. Since the mount extends out from the wall surface, schools can even install their new interactive panels directly on top of existing whiteboards without losing that space or having to pay for whiteboard removal.

Avoid Expensive Installations. We call it the adjustable wall mount light because it’s

just that. Very light. That doesn’t mean it’s not strong, but it does mean that two people can easily install the panel in less than a day. No need for overtime wages, union labor, or specialized, skilled electric labor to run wiring for the installation. There’s also no need to rip out and redo walls or plan on weeks of downtime to get your new technology installed. We can easily install, uninstall, and reinstall—even in the middle of the school year.

Move Teachers and Classrooms as Needed. Adjustable wall mounts are especially helpful for elementary schools that may need to move classrooms around from year-to-year to accommodate for fluctuating enrollments. With this wall mount, your school can easily use the same room as a kindergarten classroom this year and a fifth grade classroom next year without having to redo the technology installation. Similarly, the adjustable wall mount light is ideal for multi-purpose rooms, media centers, smaller learning spaces, and resource classrooms that may need to address the learning requirements of many different students at many ability levels throughout the day. With a 30” travel up and down from the center of the panel, users can adjust the learning environment to suit the needs of every student.

Want to see the adjustable wall mount light, or any of our other innovative accessories, in action? Contact us for a consultation or demo today.   

December 14, 2017

Clear Touch Team

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