Wireless Document Camera

Teach From A Whole New Angle


The perfect addition to your teaching toolbox. The Clear Touch® document camera extends the educational capabilities of Clear Touch® panels. The camera’s built-in connectivity lets you connect to interactive panels or other classroom technology with just the touch of a button, eliminating unproductive downtime.

Document Camera

Bright LED Lights & Flexible Neck
Bright LED Lights & Flexible Neck
Built-in Microphone
Built-in Microphone
Wireless Connection + 3hrs Battery Life
Wireless Connection + 3hrs Battery Life

Showing your work has been easier. Project any object or document on your interactive panel, and eliminate distracting handouts and cumbersome textbooks. Wireless connectivity gives you the freedom to move around, provide hands-free instruction, and capture your students’ attention from anywhere in the classroom.


Create a More
Engaging Classroom

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A New Learning Perspective

Bright LED lights and a multidimensional neck help you bring any presentation into clear focus. When you can share course material or visual aids with your entire class and avoid unnecessary disruptions, it makes it easier to present complex material with incredible clarity.

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Wireless Connection for Versatile Instruction

Wireless capabilities provide mobility in the classroom, and a built-in microphone ensures clear audio capture so you can stream and record demonstrations as needed. The ability to write, type, zoom, and rotate your material on screen makes it easy to customize any presentation.

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Simple Seamless Integration

The document camera includes Clear Touch Chorus™ for Windows. This powerful software lets you open all media types directly on your Clear Touch® panels, allowing you to integrate your document camera presentations directly into your lessons.