Panel Cover

We've got your panel covered.


Keep your panel looking like it came right out of the box. Introducing a new protective fabric for Clear Touch displays! Built with Neoprene fabric, this cover provides a water resistant solution that makes panel transportation safer than ever.

Panel Cover

Zippered pocket for convenient storage
Zippered pocket for convenient storage
Ventilated design keeps your panels cool
Ventilated design keeps your panels cool
Sturdy and sleek Neoprene material
Sturdy and sleek Neoprene material

Make a Bold Statement: Customize Your Cover!

Make your Clear Touch Panel Cover a reflection of your brand. Our high-quality, durable Panel Covers can be customized with your organization's logo.* This is a great way to show school spirit, promote your corporate brand, or add a touch of personality to your government office.

Contact us today to learn more about how to customize your Clear Touch Panel Cover. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you create a custom panel cover that reflects your unique brand.

*Customization is available on larger orders; please contact your local Clear Touch representative for more details.


One sheet covers it all. The CT Cover is light, portable, and highly effective. A perfect companion to most interactive displays.


It's not a conspiracy,
it's a cover-up!



This panel cover comes form fitted and optimized to your panel. Featuring a zippered pocket in the back, the CT Cover offers easy storage for accessories and more. 



Maintain crystal clarity with your screen thanks to this customized design. Constructed with a neoprene fabric that is designed to keep your panels in pristine condition. 



Customizable to the user and their preferred experience. This cover is a necessary piece for those looking to maximize their investments, ensuring a layer of safety and peace of mind.