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With a proliferation of technology at their disposal, today’s teachers are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to teach and engage their students. Ranking highly alongside iPads, perhaps one of the most innovative technologies in the classroom today is interactive panel screens.

As these technologies continue to grow and evolve, teachers are finding new and innovative ways to apply them to everyday challenges inside the classroom. One of the hottest questions today is: how does technology save time in education? Here are 7 ways that we have seen teachers using touchscreen display technology to save time:

1. Maximize time before, during, and after class

Some of the best active panel uses for schools take place outside of traditional classroom time. There are often valuable blocks of time scattered throughout the school day, and the imaginative teacher can use these to his or her advantage with a little help from a touchscreen display.

For example, teachers can fill these small time slots with learning opportunities, games, activities, and quizzes on the panel. Teachers can also use displays to create learning stations that enable self-guided study and lesson reinforcement. As you’re going about your day, look for these opportunities and think of ways that you can maximize your time and teaching reach.

2. Taking and saving notes on the fly

Perhaps the most practical use of a touchscreen display is in taking and saving notes. As you’re teaching a lesson, you may want to take notes, draw a picture, or outline a concept. Touchscreen panels let you easily switch between your lesson plan and a whiteboard.

But the real magic happens when you save your notes and reuse them. For example, Clear Touch Canvas allows you to easily save your whiteboard notes to your favorite cloud service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or send them directly to your email or another connected panel.

Many teachers take these notes that they create throughout their daily teaching and compile them into student study guides, or they share them with students who missed class. Some teachers even reuse these notes in later classes or incorporate them into future lesson plans, which is a huge time saver later.

3. Explore the world from within the classroom

Today’s touchscreen displays and interactive TVs for schools let you take your classroom to far away places unimaginable to past generations. Applications like Google Street View and Google Maps offer incredible ways to bring history, geography, and literature to life. Or sometimes an out-of-class field trip just doesn’t make sense with the class schedule, and many teachers use these apps on their panels to take a virtual field trip to local points of interest. This can be a big time saver that still allows you to elucidate a lesson without taking a full day out of class and arranging travel.

Beyond these tools, teachers and students alike can now take field trips that rival Miss Frizzle’s wildest adventures. From the microscopic world of atoms and molecules to the distant stars, galaxies, and black holes—the world is now literally at our fingertips, and the skillful teacher can use his or her touchscreen panel to bring any concept to life. The result is a memorable classroom experience that ultimately saves the teacher’s time by creating memorable experiences that require less and less content reinforcement.

4. Keep your class on track and manage behavior

Some of the best panel board display ideas revolve around helping teachers moderate their classrooms. For example, the TooNoisy app is a teacher favorite that helps keep students focused and quiet. By monitoring the noise level in the room, TooNoisy posts a notification when the room gets too noisy and reminds students to be quieter. This is a great way to keep class time moving without stopping to address every time students get a little too noisy.

ClassDojo is another great application that helps teachers track classroom behavior and build a positive classroom culture that involves both students and teachers alike (and even better, its available on our curated app store!).

5. Simplify the mundane tasks

Touchscreen panels allow teachers to easily automate and simplify many of mundane tasks, such as calling on a random student to answer a question or tracking attendance. For example, some teachers create fun games that let students mark their own attendance as they trickle into class each day. The teacher gets the benefit of taking attendance without wasting class time, and students have fun in the process.

Teachers can also use their displays to post announcements, important test or quiz dates, and flesh out upcoming assignments. Applications like Snowflake MultiTeach also allow you to create and send quizzes that compile student responses, grade them for you, and send you the results. All of this can be done at the beginning and end of class, which can continue to free up valuable teaching time that would otherwise be consumed unnecessarily.

6. Review classwork together

Another intriguing way that teachers have found to use their panels to save time is in grading homework assignments together. Some teachers connect a document camera and project to the display. They can then quickly cycle through student homework assignments and annotate the screen with the answer or work out the solution on screen. Other teachers have found it helpful for students to take charge and present their homework solutions. Both of these approaches can deliver significant time savings if done strategically.

7. Take breaks and have fun

Sometimes after a difficult assignment or quiz students just need a break. However, some teachers dread classroom activities and games out of fear that they will be unable to effectively rein them back in once they’re done. Many teachers have found that touchscreen panels are a proven ally that lets them introduce a fun brain break in class without causing a major disruption.

For example, a teacher can quickly transition from a quiz to a fun game or activity on the panel without requiring students to stand up or move around. Once it’s done, the teacher can easily transition from the end of the game right back into the lesson content. It’s these little wins here and there that add up and save teachers time.

What about you? What are some of the ways that you are saving time with digital touchscreen panels? We would love to hear from you!

June 13, 2019

Clear Touch Team

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