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A survey released in May 2018 by the US Department of Education confirms that 94% of public school teachers spend money out of their own pockets to buy classroom supplies—close to $500 on average. Some report as much as $1000. With teaching salaries already modest, averaging $49,000 per year nationwide, this is a predicament that should be corrected. However, school budgets continue to get tighter. The most recent data show the national average spending per pupil is a hefty $11,762—much of that spending goes toward salaries and student support services. It’s no wonder teachers feel compelled to dig into their own wallets for extra classroom supplies from time to time.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to install cutting edge technology (which can come with a significant price tag) into classrooms as one strategy to combat this issue and save schools money, you might be surprised just how cost-effective classroom technology can be. Yes, the latest EdTech tools incur an initial investment, but over time can save school districts, individual schools, and even teachers money.

How a Clear Touch Interactive Panel Can Help Educators Save Money

At Clear Touch, it is our goal to provide state-of-the-art interactive panels that empower educators and increase learning. As an added benefit, our panels also incorporate affordable technology and essentially pay for themselves over time.

Check out these 4 ways Clear Touch Interactive Panel can put money back in the school budget:

Reduced IT, maintenance, and power costs.

Overall, the total cost of ownership for Clear Touch Interactive panels is much lower than for competitive technologies or outdated interactive projectors. Our panels operate on an efficient power budget and do not require any ongoing maintenance like bulb replacements, replacement cords, or recalibrations.

In addition, unlike many technology implementations, Clear Touch installation is quick and simple and requires no costly or intrusive construction crews or classroom modifications to accommodate our panels. A few hours of simple device setup and configuration is usually all it takes to get your panel up and running. In fact, our mobile and convertible stands can be assembled in a couple hours, and our adjustable wall mount light can attach to nearly any surface.

Lastly, Clear Touch provides remote, centralized IT infrastructure and unparalleled customer support, which means your IT staff won’t have to waste time going from classroom to classroom, device to device, to manage and solve tech problems. By offering better warranties and flexible financing, Clear Touch makes Interactive Panel ownership even more affordable.

Streamlines expensive communication.

Teachers, administrators, and support staff in any school district need a comprehensive and effective system of communication—which can be costly for the district. The use of Clear Touch Interactive® panels streamlines and centralizes communication, making it more cost-effective. Our intuitive EasiRemote system unifies communication throughout a school, for easy morning announcements to emergency alerts. Use full multicast video to get a message out school-wide or send a message only to a specific classroom. Our software allows you to customize communication to meet the specific needs of your school, creating systems that target groups by grade level, wing, subject matter—whatever your need is. No more wasted time bogged down by inefficient, slow communication. Free up time to focus on your important tasks and responsibilities. Time saved ultimately translates into money saved.

Clear Touch technology also allows for district-level monitoring of technology in the classroom. Administrators are empowered to make informed decisions that improve the use of technology and maximize the educational experience they provide students. User-friendly dashboards and EasiRemote access give an at-a-glance look at how your technology is performing. Effective, efficient monitoring of classroom technology reduces money and time wasted on multiple, less-effective technology systems. Kinks are worked out more quickly and technology use is maximized. When districts save on technology, money stays in the school budget.

Saves money on paper and printing.

The reduced need for printed materials can save schools money both inside and outside of the classroom. In the classroom, the panels’ infinite whiteboard and 20 points of touch allow for maximized student collaboration and involvement. Depending on your panel’s set up, you can even tilt the screen to convert it to a table top for even easier student access. Combine this with limitless options for interactive games, lessons, activities, etc, and the need for classroom sets of consumable printed worksheets becomes almost nonexistent.

As cloud-based communication and the use of educational apps increase, the need for printed copies decreases. Cloud services not only improve productivity and efficiency, but they decrease the need for printing and storing paper communications and records. If a school suffers a technology crash or needs to track down records, cloud-based data management allows for swift and easy recovery. Educational apps breakdown all kinds of hard copy, printed communication barriers, allowing students, parents, and educators to access materials, grades, assignments, and communications from any location on a variety of personal devices. Since Clear Touch panels are both software and device agnostic, they easily integrate with any educational apps, software, or cloud-based storage solutions that your school prefers.

Saves money on software and boosts teacher collaboration.

Unlike many EdTech resources, Clear Touch does not charge annual license fees to use our educational software suite. Clear Touch interactive® panels come fully equipped with a comprehensive suite of educational software that requires only a single training session to get you going. Our software enables educators to draw diagrams, create animations, edit videos, while wirelessly connecting to tablets and other devices.

Snowflake Multiteach® software puts unlimited educational resources at teachers’ fingertips. The Snowflake software allows teachers to create interactive touchscreen lessons that are in line with their curriculum. And perhaps the best part? Lesson plan sharing through the Snowflake Multiteach® community, where teachers can share and swap lesson plans, saving time and energy that teachers can invest back in the classroom so that they and their students reap rich benefits.

And if you prefer familiar programs you already use like PowerPoint, you can still use those, too! Our panels work well with any software, including competitor software like SMART Notebook or Promethean ActivInspire—which means teachers can continue to use their lesson plans from previous years while building up their Clear Touch teaching resources.

Clear Touch Interactive® Panels are designed with content in mind. We know that by making lesson content affordable, universally accessible, and easy to use, teachers gain more time to do what they love most and do best—teach, interact, and engage with students.

We want to help teachers reduce frustration and wasted time on finicky, hard-to-manage projectors and machines. We want to provide tools and services to save districts, schools, and individual teachers time, energy, and money. And of course, all of this moves us toward our ultimate goal of improving the quality and accessibility of education to benefit students in the classroom.

September 7, 2018

Clear Touch Team

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