Month: March 2019

Which Whiteboard is Best? Google Whiteboard vs. AWW vs. Microsoft Whiteboard

Which is the best whiteboard app for your school or business Whiteboards have been integral parts of boardrooms and classrooms for decades, but digital whiteboards are changing the game. Just as it has done in virtually every other part of society, modern technology has transformed the way business leaders and educators interact with whiteboards in […]

Six Steps to Ensure More Secure Video Conferencing

When it comes to the topic of cybersecurity, much has been written about the need for consumers to protect themselves and their personal information. In a world where digital commerce has become the norm rather than the exception, most people understand the need for basic precautions such as keeping passwords private, shopping only on secure […]

Back to Basics: What is an Interactive Display?

An interactive display is a mounted device that enables users to make vibrant visual presentations and control on-screen data through digital touchscreen interactions. Available in a variety of sizes, interactive LCD panels are suitable for collaborative spaces ranging from small preschool classrooms to expansive corporate boardrooms. With an estimated 95% of Americans owning a mobile […]