Month: November 2018

Introducing Educational Technology in the Preschool Classroom

We’ve all seen toddlers interacting with their parents’ smartphones, mimicking mommy talking to a friend, taking a picture, or surfing the web. Kids today don’t know a world without handheld devices and sophisticated interactive media. Chances are your preschooler knows his way around a touch screen as well or better than the grownups in his […]

Walton County School District – Using Clear Touch™ to Support Student-Centered Learning

Located along the coast on Florida’s panhandle, WCSD serves 10,000 students grades K through 12. Notably, the district is home to a diverse selection of schools, from Title 1 schools to incredibly affluent schools—and has found creative, effective ways to address the needs of all. The progressive and innovative school district is a proponent of […]

Bibb County School District – Choosing a Classroom Solution with Far-Reaching Benefits

Bibb County School District is a technologically-sophisticated district in Macon, Georgia. Comprised of 34 schools and 4 specialty schools, Bibb County strives to prepare all students for success in a 21st-century global society. In light of this mission, several years ago the district began looking for a better solution and replacement for their outdated interactive […]

How to Use Technology In The Classroom to Teach Writing

You mean we have to write another book report when we finish reading? A term paper? On Manifest Destiny? But why? What’s that got to do with me? Yeah, but what if I never write a letter to the editor? These are the kinds of questions a writing instructor never wants to hear, but probably […]