Month: February 2018

Comparing PowerPoint vs Keynote vs Google Slides

Which Presentation Software is the Best? Choosing the right presentation software is a critical decision, which could mean the difference between a professional, polished slide deck and a lackluster presentation. Whether you plan to deliver your presentation live to your audience or you plan to publish and deliver your presentation online, the key features to […]

How to Have Effective Remote Team Meetings

To paraphrase a popular nursery rhyme—when remote team meetings are good, they are very, very good. But when they are bad they are horrid. Meetings are a double-edged sword for most organizations. They’re often necessary, and they can result in a kind of rapport, synergy, and team-building that you can’t achieve through email. However, they […]

Beyond Announcements: 8 Creative Ways to Use Interactive Digital Signage

Uses for Interactive Digital Signage Have you been considering adding interactive digital signage at your school, but you’re not sure how you’d use it every day? Or, do you have a digital signage network but feel like you’re stuck in a rut, posting announcements and the menu each day and not much else? It’s time to move […]

Interactive Digital Signage: Welcome Students to School in Style

The Benefits of Using Clear Touch Displays as Interactive Digital Signage One of the newest design trends for schools is using interactive digital signage in the main lobby, the front office, or even in the cafeteria and hallways. It’s easy to understand why digital signage has become popular—it’s a sleek, versatile solution that can be […]