Month: January 2018

Integration Made Easy: Using Clear Touch Panels in Your Existing Conference Room

How easy is it to integrate Clear Touch Interactive® displays into your existing conference room set-up? So easy. In addition to offering wireless connectivity and wireless screen sharing, Clear Touch™ has developed a number of features that help organizations upgrade their conference room presentation and collaboration solution without having to switch room control systems, invest […]

Ponderosa High School Implements Clear Touch™ Panels

Building Connectivity and Community at Ponderosa High School It’s astounding what one person can accomplish with a little drive and determination. Over the past year, Darrel Kim, the Senior IT Support person at Ponderosa High School, has revolutionized the way his school looks, feels, and operates—creating both a stronger, more connected school community and a […]

Clear Touch FETC 2018 Presenters

We’re excited to announce that we are hosting a rotating schedule of presenters at the Clear Touch booth at FETC 2018. Clear Touch™ team members with experience in education will show participants how to integrate the Clear Touch panel into the classroom, how to use the panel for project lesson planning and assessment, how to get […]

How to Plan Ahead for Technology Implementation

What to Consider When Creating an Implementation Strategy   Poll the team members in your IT department, and they’ll tell you—choosing the right solution for your organization is only half the battle. Or, another way to say the same thing: your plan for technology implementation is just as important as what you buy. We understand […]