Month: December 2017

Bladen County School District Implements Clear Touch™ Panels

Building Connectivity and Community with Clear Touch™ Bladen County may be a smaller, rural school district comprised of just 13 schools, but they’re doing big things with technology thanks to Jason Atkinson, the district’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “Bladen County isn’t a sleek, city school district with a huge budget, so we needed a solution […]

The Top 10 Things your IT Department wants for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again—to thank the people who make our lives a little better every day—and who is more forgotten than your IT staff? You know…those tech geeks that we all think can literally fix anything that breaks—even the air conditioner that one-time last summer? Those mechanically-minded, technologically-advanced gurus of cable, gigabytes […]

The Top 10 Things that Teachers REALLY want for Christmas

Few people are as unrecognized as our teachers—those syllabus-making, hall-pass-welding, sanitizer gurus and daily masters of our children. Those saints who somehow understand Junior High students or know how to build trust and rapport with teenagers. We love to give them gifts at the end of the year to make up for what we know […]

The Adjustable Wall Mount Light Simplifies Classroom Flexibility

If your school is like most, you find yourselves re-allocating resources based on attendance from year to year, whether those resources are textbooks, desks, tablets—or even the classrooms themselves. Faced with limited budgets and enrollments that ebb and flow, schools have to be creative, flexible, and adaptive. That’s where Clear Touch™ interactive panels for education […]