Month: July 2017

What Does Software Agnostic and Easy Connectivity Mean for Businesses?

When you work in tech—sometimes you throw jargon around, forgetting that not everyone is on the same wavelength. For instance, we like to promote the fact that Clear Touch Interactive® displays are software agnostic (sometimes also referred to as platform agnostic or technology agnostic). More often than not, if we bring this idea up as […]

Your Meetings don’t have to suck. (And what to do if they do).

Meetings have a bad reputation. Whether they are criticized for being too long, too short, pointless, or too complicated, that bad reputation may be founded in truth. For most companies, they are a necessary evil and part of the cost of doing business. The thing is, meetings don’t have to suck—there are ways that you […]

Cloud-Based Technologies and Software-Driven Products Are Revolutionizing Business

According to a recent commentary piece in The St. Louis Business Journal, cloud-based technologies, mobile platforms, and products that bundle software into one streamlined package are disrupting business in significant ways. In the old business model, which has been in effect for decades, companies invested significant resources into Information Technology in order to drive efficiency […]