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New innovations in classroom technology are being created every day. Teachers and students alike are tapping into the raw potential of these latest gadgets and software and finding new and transformative ways to teach and learn. Here is our list of the 17 best examples of technology in the classroom. 


TechSmith Relay is an innovative new technology in the classroom that lets teachers capture lectures and share them with their students outside the classroom. This frees up valuable classroom time to be spent on one-on-one and group activities. Relay also lets teachers monitor interaction with their videos, and it can also be integrated with your school’s LMS.


Study anywhere with StudyBlue! StudyBlue is one of the largest crowdsourced learning resource providers. Students simply download the app onto their tablets and smartphones to access hundreds of millions of study guides, flashcards, and class resources on practically any subject.


Snowflake Multiteach is an amazing suite of tools included with Clear Touch™ interactive panels that lets teachers make the most of their interactive touchscreen panels. The tools in this application include screen recording features, the ability to create and share lesson plans with teachers all over the world, and so much more!


When it comes to technology for education, MakerBot brings the exciting possibilities of 3D printing to life in the classroom. This minimal-setup, out-of-the-box 3D printing solution is easy to use from day one. It is particularly geared towards STEM classes.

Project Noah

Project Noah describes itself as a global citizen science platform and is one of our favorite technology examples for education. This massive online community lets anyone and everyone learn about, identify, and share information about local wildlife. Not only is it a great resource for learning about the many species of animals around the world, but it also can be a great starting point for fun and informative field trips.


Learn about the skies with Celestia. This innovative space simulator lets you explore and understand the heavens in new and compelling ways. Discover how objects move through space, explore the composition of planets and stars, and so much more!


Microduino is a fun way to teach and learn electronics and coding. These bright and colorful modular electronic components allow you to easily conceptualize and create innovative classroom electronics projects with your students.


Teach art and design in new ways with Canva. This powerful drag-and-drop design tool gives you access to rich features and vast content libraries for creating compelling presentations and learning boards for your students. Yet, it’s designed for students to use for their creative activities as well!

SiLAS Solutions

SiLAS Solutions is an innovative technology solution for teaching social skills. Students collaborate to create social scripts, which they then act out visually. Students use a video game controller to guide their animated characters through conversations. It’s a unique solution that is definitely worth a look!


Nearpod VR is a new technology in education that empowers you to take journeys to faraway places from right within the classroom. Whether you want to travel to Rome, the Pyramids, or Ancient China—Nearpod can take you there!


LeapMotion is another VR augmented reality solution that is enabling profound new educational experiences. With some of the most advanced hand-tracking technology on the market, LeapMotion lets you reach out, grasp, and interact with digital objects around you. There’s no better way to understand how groundbreaking this technology is than to see it for yourself.


Role-playing game meets education in Classcraft’s innovative new learning solution to increase classroom engagement. Students create their own fantasy characters that grow and learn as the student grows and learns. This is a very creative and innovative way to gamify the educational experience.


No list of classroom technology would be complete without some reference to Minecraft, the cultural phenomenon that has dominated a generation. Minecraft is a massive open-world sandbox game that lets students explore, build, and craft practically anything that they can imagine while teaching them valuable concepts, such as basic programming, physics, and more.

Knewton Alta

Alta is a personalized learning solution that empowers understanding through guided activities. This adaptive learning system helps students navigate their way to a fuller comprehension of a subject through personalized learning journeys. Alta is smart and adapts to a student’s level of knowledge and even incorporates prerequisite content into the learning journey to maximize deep comprehension.

Raspberry Pi

Again, no list of classroom technology would be complete without a reference to one of the many microcomputer brands that are dominating STEM labs today. The Raspberry Pi is perhaps the earliest and most iconic microcomputers on the market and continues to push the boundaries of microcomputing at an affordable price point.


Duolingo is a free language instruction app for anyone wanting to learn a new language. Duolingo’s innovative learning approach emphasizes visual, written, and aural comprehension of a language through a series of immersive activities and in-context stories. It helps students develop a deeper understanding of a language’s nuances, pronunciation, and meaning that is often missed in more traditional language courses.


KidBlog is a blogging and digital portfolio solution that empowers teachers to publish student writing in a controlled and safe environment. Powerful moderation tools ensure that nothing is published without the teacher’s approval, giving you the ability to monitor all content before it is shared.


Science360 lets students explore the latest discoveries and research in STEM from scientists, engineers, and mathematicians all across the world. Every video can be shared on your own site, blog, and social networks, giving you the power to share what you’re learning.

November 28, 2019

Clear Touch Team

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