10 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Teachers in the Classroom for 2019

Technology has transformed the classroom experience over the past decade. With each passing year new and improved gadgets for teaching and learning hit the market. These technologies and gadgets are delivering next-generation capabilities and benefits to teachers, allowing them to boost their productivity, enhance their teaching toolbox, and explore new and innovative ways of teaching.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets for the Classroom

From the newest technology gadgets for the classroom to the classic tried-and-true devices, here is our list of top picks for the must-have tech gadgets for teachers in 2019.

1. iPad Air

Ipad Air

The iPad Air is our top pick for teachers. With the iPad Air, teachers gain unrivaled flexibility, tools, and mobility in the teaching experience. Teachers can easily control all of their lessons, content, schedules, and educational apps from a single device, whether in the classroom or out. Apple’s simple connectivity controls also let teachers easily connect and present on other classroom devices with a simple swipe and tap. And with the Apple App Store always handy, teachers can easily find new apps and tools to extend their educational toolbox.

The iPad Air model delivers all of the classic flexibility and performance that you have come to expect from an iPad but with an improved sleeker and lighter design. Starting at $499, this is on the pricier side of the spectrum, but we feel the benefits far outweigh the additional investment, earning this device our number one spot.

2. Document Camera

Document Camera

Sometimes you just need to display a document, drawing, or non-digital piece of content to the entire class. Rather than print out 20 copies, project it on screen with a document camera. The document camera lets you easily display any physical piece of content on screen without any fuss or complexity.

The camera’s wide-angle viewing lets you easily and clearly capture your entire paper or work area, and the added video and audio capabilities let you record and stream your lesson content. This is a must have for teachers in today’s connected classrooms and takes our number two spot.


3. Mini wireless keyboard

Mini Wireless Keyboard

Even though touchscreen devices often have on-screen keyboards—many users want to be mobile around the room and still control their panel.

This innovative mini wireless keyboard from Clear Touch Interactive gives you all of the benefits of a physical keyboard with the enhanced mobility of a tablet. You can easily connect it to your device and carry it around the classroom freely. The helpful shortcut keys on the sides also let you access the most useful functions of your connected devices on the fly.



4. Einstein Clock

Einstein Clock

When it comes to cool new tech for teachers, the Einstein Clock is a gem, especially for math teachers. As the end of the class hour approaches (particularly in classes just before lunch or before the end of the day), teachers often watch in dismay as students’ eyes drift to the clock to see how much time is left in class. Why not make even this an educational moment for your students?

The Einstein Clock innovatively forces students to calculate the hours and minutes to find out exactly what time it is. With the ability to set different difficulty levels, you can easily set the Einstein Clock to your classroom’s particular grade level. It’s just one more way to keep students engaged for the entire class period. This device is definitely quite pricey, but it was so cool that we had to give it our number four spot.

5. Wireless Teacher Microphone

Wireless Teacher Microphone

Sometimes it can get difficult for students to hear you in the classroom, whether it’s because you’re teaching in a larger classroom or in a room with poor acoustics. Rather than strain your voice, check out this wireless microphone and receiver from AVerMedia. Now everyone can hear you with crystal clear audio.

With pendant and clip-on options, this microphone solution works unobtrusively with any outfit, giving you added voice amplification with hands-free mobility. The receiver can easily connect to existing devices and speaker systems in class; and with 8 hours of battery life and quick-charge capabilities, you can rest easy knowing that you will always be heard.


6. Pen Pad

Pen Pad

Are you looking for additional control and precision in your writing and drawing on screen? With 8,192 levels of instant pen pressure sensitivity, this pen pad from XP-Pen delivers next-level control and precision in your writing and drawing. This is an ideal solution for art and writing classes (or any class where you want precise writing, drawing, and annotating capabilities).

At $59.99, this pen pad is a cool technology for the classroom at a great price point!



7. Kindle e-Reader

Kindle ereader

Gone are the days of carrying lots of heavy books to class thanks to today’s e-readers. Topping the list here is the Amazon Kindle, which allows you to easily carry all of your textbooks, references, and lesson materials in the palm of your hand. With unparalleled battery life, the Kindle is an extremely reliable option with a single charge often lasting for weeks on end.

With most Kindle options falling around or under $100, this device takes our number seven spot.



8. Web Camera

Web Cam

Today’s connected classrooms often blend online and in-person teaching, and this web camera from Clear Touch Interactive® lets you easily record and share video of class on-screen or online. The web camera features wide-angle viewing and a built-in microphone to ensure both clear audio and video. This web camera earned the number eight spot on our list.




9. Buzzer system

Want to introduce a bit of Jeopardy-like fun into the classroom? Now you can easily transform a traditional classroom game into an interactive game show with these fun and colorful buzzer systems from Affordable Buzzers. With corded and wireless options, these buzzers let you create your own interactive quizzes on the fly and project student buzz-ins on screen.

Please note that there are often different sets for Macs or PCs—so be sure to read the specifications before you buy to ensure compatibility!



10. Apple Watch

More and more teachers are finding amazing ways to use the Apple Watch inside and outside of the classroom, making the Apple Watch one of the newest technology gadgets for the classroom. The Apple Watch keeps you current with any reminders, timers, notifications, and emails that you receive throughout the day, but it also doubles as a presentation remote with the ability to control your slideshows, play and pause audio and video, and much more.

It also has the added benefit of functioning as a phone replacement, which is especially useful when you need to stay alert for any important school notifications without having to constantly keep your phone on you.

Again, being an Apple product, this device is on the pricier side of things, which scores it a number ten on our list.