Clear Touch Interactive Displays

For Education

For Education

Smart educational technology should reflect the way that students learn in the real world. Our students are natural networkers—playing games and swapping stories between classes and sharing their lives over social media at home. Reach students where they are. Clear Touch Interactive panels encourage the same kind of collaboration and game-based learning that comes so easily to today’s student.

Education Solutions

For Businesses

For Business

Your team members already know how to use our intuitive, mobile-friendly technology. Simply drag, drop, swipe and expand. Real-time collaboration and immediate feedback is now available right at your fingertips, wherever your business takes you and wherever your workforce is. Set up video conferencing, brainstorm on and engage in global collaboration with Clear Touch Interactive displays.

Business Solutions

How Do Clear Touch Interactive Displays Compare?

Clear Touch Interactive displays feature multi-touch capabilities, and Ultra HD resolution on par with the most advanced interactive displays on the market.

We also offer our clients better warranties, stronger service and support from a US owned and operated company, and more accessories and other customization options across the board. Plus, unlike most of our competitors, we don’t make you pay for an ongoing license in order to use our software suite, reducing the overall cost of ownership. High quality, low maintenance—that’s the Clear Touch difference.

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  • Smart Touch TechnologySmart Touch Technology
  • Energy EfficientEnergy Efficient
  • Multi-Touch CapabilitiesMulti-Touch Capabilities
  • Ultra HD ResolutionUltra HD Resolution
  • Better WarrantiesBetter Warranties
  • Service and SupportService & Support
  • U.S. Owned and OperatedU.S. Owned & Operated
  • Customization and AccessoriesCustomization & Accessories
  • No Ongoing Software LicensesNo Ongoing Software Licenses
  • Great CostGreat Cost

ClearTouch: Not Smart. Brilliant.

Our Products

The Next Generation of Interactive Panels

Clear Touch Interactive displays are an all-in-one package. We offer an optional onboard PC, an easy-to-install software package, and Ultra HD displays for a state of the art viewing experience. The panels feature true multi-touch capabilities (up to 20 simultaneous points of touch) fast touch response time, high-fidelity audio and an industry leading nine inputs that allow for easy connection to all of the devices in your room. Choose from five screen sizes—from 55 inches to 86 inches—with crystal-clear, energy-saving LCD displays.

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  • Screen Sizes, (from 55″-86″)
  • Inputs for Easy Connection
  • Simultaneous Points of Touch

Our Interactive Software Suite

Our smart, interactive panels include seven state-of-the art software applications so that you can connect, write, annotate, edit, animate and share from anywhere.

  • Canvas
  • Collage
  • EasiNote
  • EasiConnect
  • EasiCapture
  • EasiRemote
  • SnowFlake

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Our smart, interactive panels are installed with secure wall mounts, mobile stands, table top convertible mounts, PC modules and more.

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Helpful Downloads

Helpful Downloads

View our download center to get detailed specifications on all of our smart technology products and access to the latest software updates.

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