Software Solutions for Education

Interactive Learning Software Solutions

Interactive learning solutions. Chorus (formerly Snowflake), Collage and Command all come bundled with the purchase of your panel! Explore the capabilities of our innovative classroom software below.


Collaborate in the Classroom with Collage

Wiressly share content to your panel or mirror to your devices.

Connect up to nine devices at once (up to 4 Chromebooks)

Make lesson notes on-screen with Collage's annotation tools.

Control applications with ease.

Use Collage as a wireless "HDMI Splitter".


Manage Panels Remotely With Command

Automatically schedule software updates.

Instantly broadcast school-wide messages, announcements, and media.

Enhance emergency notifications.

Monitor your devices with up-to-the-minute usage statistics.

Integrate with leading alert systems for ultimate security and peace of mind.


Increase Student Involvement with NUITEQ Chorus
(formerly Snowflake)

Create interactive Lesson Activities (quizzes, polls, games) for active participation and instant feedback.

Organize your display using Zones for clear structure and focused learning.

Collaborate on lessons and projects from anywhere, anytime, with Chorus Online.

Save planning time with curriculum-aligned activity suggestions and differentiated instruction help from Chorus's AI Assistant.

Utilize Chorus's Whiteboard Tool to draw, write, annotate documents and websites, and embed multimedia content.