Meet the New 7000XT Panel Series


Clear Touch's 7000XT Series Panel: The Best Collaboration Solution

Discover the power of collaboration and engagement in education with the Clear Touch 7000XT Series. This interactive panel, offered in 43" and 65" sizes, is designed to make learning engaging, fun, and easy for educators and early childhood students alike. Elevate your classroom experience and optimize the learning process today.

Clear Touch 7000XT Series Panel on Mini Convertible Stand in Tabletop mode

Versatile Convertible Stands Enhance Equitable Learning

The Clear Touch 7000XT series introduces a new level of interactivity and innovation to education. Paired with Clear Touch’s versatile convertible stands, this interactive panel can effortlessly switch between upright, drafting, and tabletop modes, catering to various teaching styles and activities. Accessibility is ensured for all students and educators, including those with limited mobility, to meet ADA compliance, promoting inclusivity and equity in the classroom. Our height-adjustable stands further promote equitable learning, regardless of physical limitations. From brainstorming sessions to educational video showcases, the 7000XT is the perfect companion for educators seeking to create dynamic and immersive learning experiences.

How Does Snowflake Increase Student Engagement?

One remarkable feature of the 7000XT is its unique included software, Snowflake, which gamifies the learning process for students. It transforms passive learning into an interactive adventure, captivating students' attention and enhancing comprehension. The educator-approved feature, Zones, promotes collaboration in tabletop mode for up to 4 users. For students with vision and hearing impairment, educators can utilize the Collage app, enabling screen mirroring from devices to the panel for enhanced visual and audible performance.

The Clear Touch 7000XT Series has gained recognition for its exceptional contribution to early education. It recently received an "Honorable Mention in the Early Education category" in the SmartBrief EdTech Awards 2023, showcasing its effectiveness and impact in the field. Additionally, the 7000XT has been honored with the prestigious "Overall Early Childhood Education Solution of the Year" award in the 5th annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards program by EdTech Breakthrough. These accolades solidify the 7000XT's reputation as an outstanding solution in the early education field.

Enhanced Safety and Eco-Friendly Interactive Panel

Safety and energy efficiency are paramount. The Clear Touch 7000XT Series is UL Listed and Energy Star Certified, ensuring a secure and eco-friendly learning environment. Compared to the XE series, the XT series boasts numerous advancements, including a seamless, antenna-less WiFi module, an Android 11 operating system, a faster chipset, and tougher glass with a level 9 Mohs rating. These improvements result in a more robust and reliable panel, capable of meeting the demands of modern education.

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