Clear Touch Wins Tech&Learning’s InfoComm 2023 Best of Show Award

InfoComm 2023 Best of Show Winner Clear Touch Tech&Learning

Clear Touch Interactive Panel Wins Tech&Learning's InfoComm 2023 Best of Show Award

Introducing the Most Innovative and Impactful Interactive Displays for Education and Business

GREENVILLE, S.C., – June 15, 2023 – Clear Touch, a leading provider of interactive panels and software for education and business, is proud to announce that its new 6000A+ series panels have won the Tech&Learning's InfoComm 2023 Best of Show Award. The award recognizes the most innovative and impactful products that were exhibited at the InfoComm 2023 show, the largest trade event for audiovisual and integrated experience solutions in North America.

The 6000A+ series panels are the latest addition to Clear Touch's line of interactive displays, featuring a sleek design, a powerful Android 13 operating system, and a range of connectivity options. In addition to being the first EDLA-Certified Interactive Panel, the 6000A+ series panels also come with Clear Touch's award-winning software suite, which includes tools for collaboration, annotation, presentation, and gamification. The 6000A+ series panels are designed to enhance learning and engagement in classrooms and meeting rooms, as well as to support hybrid and remote scenarios.

"We are honored to receive this prestigious award from Tech&Learning, which reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative interactive solutions to our customers," said Keone Trask, CEO of Clear Touch. "The 6000A+ series panels are the result of years of research and development, and we are proud to offer them as the ultimate interactive display for education and business."

The Tech&Learning's InfoComm 2023 Best of Show Award winners can be viewed here.

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Clear Touch is a leading US global manufacturer of interactive touch panels, digital signage displays, and accessories for education, government, and business. Our headquarters are in Greenville, SC, and we have a nationwide network of partners. We offer a wide range of products and solutions, including high-quality interactive touch panels with multi-touch capabilities and Ultra HD resolution.

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