Clear Touch Academy™

Online training at your convenience

Online training at your fingertips. Not only does Clear Touch® offer professional development services, we also offer free online courses through our Clear Touch Academy™ website.


Step One

Sign up for Clear Touch Academy™

Signing up for the Clear Touch Academy™ is simple. Create an account and log in for instant access to on-demand customized course content. This complimentary resource offers self-paced learning modules that are designed to help you unlock the full potential of your Clear Touch® interactive panel.


Step Two

Log in to Clear Touch Academy™

After you have created your account and logged in, you will see your personalized dashboard. Here you can enroll in courses, save courses to your dashboard, and keep track of the badges and certificates that you earn.


Step Three

Access 24/7

The online courses include video tutorials and step-by-step documents on all the Clear Touch® solutions. The open navigation format allows you to quickly and easily access the information you need to successfully utilize your Clear Touch® panel.

Who is Clear Touch Academy™ for?

Since members complete coursework at their own speed—and only enroll in courses that apply to them—the training portal is ideal for everyone in the Clear Touch® community. Whether you are a teacher who wants to master our software suite or the CIO of a corporation who wants to learn more about setup and troubleshooting, you’ll find what you need on the Clear Touch Academy™. Of course, if you are interested in hands-on instruction, we are also happy to build professional development specifically for you. Our experienced, certified trainers will create a customized on-site or online program for your organization through our Professional Development Services.