Esports in Education

Esports In Education

Technology has shifted into the forefront of classroom settings, and esports is the latest practice to make headlines. Educators across the globe are integrating esports into their classrooms as a way to educate and expand the student's social skills.

Generally you can define Esports or Electronic Sports as "... a competitive gaming medium that challenges gamers to play against one another to win. Often this involves playing in teams to reach the goal as a unit working together." (Edwards, 2020).

Research backs the idea that students involving themselves in extracurricular activities are more successful in their academic performance and overall well being. Esports is a fantastic new addition to the student's list of options. This can be done in a variety of ways, making it a flexible medium for any school's budget. Certain games can be easily accessed thanks to Cloud Based Gaming. This concept allows students to log into a simple computer and play right from the web application. However, it can be done on console gaming systems, requiring a monitor, disc games, controllers, headsets, etc.

The Benefits

The benefits of esports are plentiful. As discussed above, extracurricular activities have proved to be entirely beneficial to the well being and performance of the student. For example, Esports teams often function like any other team would (both physically and intellectually). It requires participants to attend practice, create strategies, develop teamwork, and apply focus. These traits are great habits to enforce in an ever-changing educational environment. Additionally practices like esports create productive and inclusive environments for students.

As a result Esports is also a very legitimate enterprise: more than 300 colleges offer scholarships up to $15 million dollars. And there are also professional teams and opportunities for income via streaming and tournaments. Clear Digital supports esports by offering our new product, the Vue v2: A striking LED display that delivers an ideal blend of simplicity, versatility, and technological capabilities. The latest from Clear Digital, the Vue v2 display delivers a stunning high resolution LED display with adjustable brightness and contrast to ensure you experience vivid detail, brightness, and color. Say goodbye to interference with the Vue v2's no visible seams between tiles to interfere with the picture or distract your audience. Just a big, memorable viewing experience as far as the eye can see.

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