Education And Digital Literacy

Education And Digital Literacy

Education And Digital Literacy: The Why And How

Technology has permeated every facet of life. Not only for adults, but for children too. Technology is a part of how children socialize, play games, and now more than ever, learn. In the wake of the pandemic, technology proved to not only be a learning aid, but a necessity. As such education and digital literacy are now forever intertwined.

But Why?

The short answer: the global pandemic forced the majority of students into remote learning. Remote learning means video lessons, virtual classrooms, and online homework. A student can only accomplish all of that through the use of technology. The long answer is that the world that awaits children demands digital literacy. Tech competency is a basic prerequisite for almost any job. And that's just today. Who knows what the employment landscape will look like 5, 10, or even 20 years from now? The mindset that "less screen time is good" and "more screen time is bad" is a thing of old. In fact, researchers in Sweden found no correlation between screen use and a drop in IQ. They discovered that children who played video games for more than one hour increased their IQ by up to 2.5 points. Perhaps the "solution" to the problem of kids and screen time doesn't involve lessening screen time, but rather optimizing it. What if we use technology not only to aid in education, but to improve digital literacy itself? Thus better preparing today's youth for tomorrow's world.

And How?

Integrating technology into education isn't as daunting as it sounds. For students, it's often as easy as introducing laptops into the classroom. And for educators, sometimes it can be as simple as replacing that old fashioned white board with an interactive flat panel. You can take all your texts and digitize them into graphics and visuals. This approach has been proved to improve information retention in children. Not to mention the digitization of text increases student engagement. And with digital lessons, a child has greater autonomy as a student. If they are an auditory learner, they can seek out a podcast on the subject. If they're a more visual learner, they can watch a video on the subject. This varied approach to education also greatly benefits students who may have learning disabilities. A student can choose the educational medium that best supports their needs.

How Does Clear Touch Fit Into This?

Clear Touch believes technology and education go hand in hand. We aim to make education more accessible, as well as make the educator's job less stressful. Our interactive flat panels and included software suite bring any classroom blazing into the 21st century. Clear Touch's 7000XE series of interactive flat panels combined with our motorized convertible stands allow you to rotate you panel from upright to tabletop orientation. Students can gather around in up to four independent activity zones and fully immerse themselves in the activities and lessons. Want to learn more? Click here to request a demo!

More about Clear Touch

Clear Touch, headquartered in Greenville, SC, is a leading US global manufacturer of interactive touch panels and accessories as well as digital signage displays and solutions for education, government, and business. Clear Digital is our affiliate brand that specializes in digital signage solutions. For more information, visit our websites:  | |

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