Snowflake for Windows – MSI

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Snowflake for Windows – MSI

NUITEQ Snowflake is the only educational technology software allowing you to divide your touchscreen into independent, personalized zones. Snowflake transforms the classroom into a fun, motivating, and engaging active learning environment. Snowflake enables teachers and students to tell engaging, interactive stories that align closely with the curriculum, it provides a safe community for online and small group collaboration, and it allows simultaneous personalized instruction, making curriculum relevant to students’ lives.

*** Please note, each Clear Touch panel is allowed one Snowflake installation ***

Please contact Support with questions.

The Snowflake software is currently available for Windows 10 & 11.


NUITEQ Snowflake 7.4.4 31 Aug 2023
- Added a new default 3 vertical splits option in Zones
- Improved user experience (UX) with swapping of Zones, making it more inline with how one would expect the rotations to work when swapping
- Fixed an issue in the Tags lesson activity type when playing it in two Zones
- Fixed a bug with lists and background images
- Fixed an issue with not being able to see the NUITEQ Snowflake community or log in into the lesson activities app on some touch screens
- Fixed an issue with search not working from the address bar in the Browser app
- Fixed an issue with playing a lesson activity from the community when it already exists in ‘My lesson activities in the app
- Fixed the ‘you have completed the list dialog that shows at the end of a list to be the correct size (would sometimes be very small)
- Fixed an issue in the tags lesson activity type where the diagram could get lost in some of the older lesson activities
- Other smaller bug fixes


Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual Core 2.2 GHz or better processor2 GB of RAM
  • (4 GB preferable and 8 GB for a much better performance)
  • Intel HD4000 or better or Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 or better graphics card (standalone recommended over onboard)
  • Single, dual or multitouch display


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