“Displaying” Growth in the Upstate: Clear Touch® interview on SC Public Radio

Clear Touch President Keone Trask was interviewed by Mike Switzer of the South Carolina Business Review on South Carolina Public Radio. Below are highlights of their conversation. To listen to the full episode please click here. 

Mike: Hello and welcome to another edition of SC Business Review, this is Mike Switzer.

Seven years ago our next guest’s company began operations in Upstate SC selling interactive displays for the education and business markets. Since then they have won industry awards, and last year made it into the Inc 500 and are recognized as one of our states fastest growing companies. 

Keone Trask is CEO of Clear Touch Interactive and joins us from his office in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Keone welcome. 

Keone: Thank you Mike!

Mike: Tell us a little more about your company and how it all got started.

Keone: We got started as an idea of creating environments where collaboration and interactivity can be fostered in a better way. We recognized quickly in the education and business market that the technology that was available at the time could be improved. We have spent the last seven years continuing to innovate.

Mike: So what exactly is an interactive display?

Keone: An interactive display is a LED display that allows up to 20 points of simultaneous touch. This allows users to manipulate objects and text in different ways than was possible before.

Mike: So when we see people on the weather channel as an example touching screens and drawing – guess you called them smart boards –  is that what you are talking about?

Keone: Very similar and a great analogy with what we see on television, and on sports and weather displays. 

Mike: So are these manufactured in our state? 

Keone: They are manufactured overseas in multiple markets in Europe and Asia. We administratively are headquartered in Greenville, SC and distribute these technologies into the United States and into other geographies as well. 

Nike: So are these designs proprietary?

Keone: They are proprietary in design. We specify the technology features and functions.

Mike: What are this industry like, are there lots of competitors and market opportunities? 

Keone: There are amazing market opportunities, especially in areas of K-12 education, higher education and commercial spaces as well. It is a competitive environment. 

Mike: The success curve that you have experienced and making it into Inc 500 and list of our states fastest-growing companies – what has been the key to your growth?

Keone: It comes down to a passion for our products, and our team. culture These two factors have been the difference that allows us to stand out in a competitive environment. We go to market with an approach that allows the experience of this technology to be more hands-on, and that has been key to our success and growth as well.

Mike: How are the panels sold?

Keone: We go to market with a distribution channel consisting of approximately 220 resellers across the U.S. and Europe. We are headquartered in Greenville, SC with staff of about 20 and have a global staff over the U.S. and oversees of another 30 individuals.

Mike: What have been the challenges in the interactive display industry?

Keone: The biggest challenge has been to convey and show people the different tools and opportunities that are available with the solutions that we present and making sure we can meet the demand of the customer. 

Mike: Do design come as a result of a customer request? 

Keone: Absolutely, the feedback from customers and the user community at large have driven much of the innovation. We take that feedback and interest in changing and modifying the solution very seriously and are able to implement those changes in our products. 

Mike: Congratulations on your recognition and thank you for you time!