Command v1.27.1

Command v1.27.1

We’ve got some new features in Command to tell you about. Read on to learn more.

Resource groups

Resource is an important part of device management. To better manage resources, we now support grouping resources.

You can create and manage resource groups. By adding resources to different resource groups and then authorizing them to users, you can decide which resource groups are visible to users, improving ease of use and protecting information security.

  • Step1: Create a resource group and add resources to the group

  • Step2: Authorize resource groups when adding users, or edit resource groups on the user details page. Then the user can only see resources within the authorized group.


  • 1. Admin, Sub-admin, and Viewer can always see all resource groups.
  • 2. Custom roles can only see authorized resource groups.

Clear cache in batches

Clear cache is a function originally supported in the device details page, and only supports clearing a single device.

Now we support clearing the cache of multiple devices at the same time by command. By the way, timed mode is supported.

Check non-compliant details

There may be non-compliant devices in the profile, which means that the device did not successfully execute the configuration of the profile.

Now it is supported to check the device's non-compliance details in profile detail, making it easier for users to check and solve problems.

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