Command Software Update: v1.26 Release

Command Update. V1.26 blog update

Command Update v1.26 Release Notes:

Updated Device Messaging Capabilities & Security

Software Development released a new update for Clear Touch Command software on December 12, 2023. Our Development Team has listened to your feedback and we are excited to let you know that you now have more device messaging capabilities as well as tools to make the displays more secure.

We hope you enjoy these new features!

Screenshots from the Command Software Page with the New Features:

  1. A webpage can be “pushed” to an IFP or Digital Signage display.
    A) Select the displays you want, and select the URL function in the Command button section.

B) A group of common URLs can be loaded or saved in the web interface.



C) After the URL is selected just choose whether you want to send the message now or provide it at a scheduled time.


D) The webpage will open through the default browser on the display.


2. The USB ports can be locked as a display Profile policy. this lock will block data drives from being accessed on the display. USB adapters that allow the function of external devices will still be functional. Here is the allocation of this feature within Advanced > Profile.


3. Messaging has been added after device enrollment that clarifies the remote access that is available through the Command web console. The web console can know the display's location, see live screenshots, have an active view of any input, and achieve screen control of the Android OS.

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