Collage Software Update: 5.5 Release

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Collage Update 5.5
Available Now

Clear Touch has been hard at work making sure Collage continues to improve the user experience based on user feedback.
Here are some key takeaways from the Collage update:

1. The “Normal” and “Mini'' code options in the Collage code window are back! If you are familiar with the various forms of Collage over the years, you'll remember that it previously had this function. We like that this adds a little extra control for the teacher/presenter, and we have now added it back.

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2. The screenshare utility bar can now be moved out of the way to make it easier for on-screen controls to be used. If you’ve ever been screensharing and those icons blocked your ability to advance slides, we’ve now added a way to collapse that utility bar so you can keep teaching or presenting!


3. The screen mirroring control window can now be moved so it will not get in the way of your browser tabs! You will no longer have to worry about our screen mirror control window obstructing or impeding your web browsing on Windows or Mac. We've added the ability to adjust the control window's position to keep it out of the way and keep your presentations running smoothly.

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Download the Updated Collage Software

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